The Great Knight in Shining Armor: Doctor Leonard Horowitz

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The Great Knight in Shining Armor: Doctor Leonard Horowitz Empty The Great Knight in Shining Armor: Doctor Leonard Horowitz

Post  tgII on Thu 19 Aug 2010, 02:21

Some years ago after Leonard Horowitz came out with his
book on viruses, an acquaintance of mine picked a copy up and
shared it with me. At the time I didn't really give it too much
consideration and didn't doubt some of the facts about viruses
Horowitz described in his book.

  • The Great Knight in Shining Armor: Doctor Leonard Horowitz Horowitz
    Emerging Viruses - AIDS & Ebola - Leonard Horowitz

Ten years go by and I learn Horowitz is a Knight of Malta. That
discovery confirmed why I instinctively didn't buy a copy of his
book for myself. Over the years I have heard a lot about this
Knight of Malta hearing all kinds of favorable commentary, especially
about his take of the frequency of 528Hz. Didn't understand too
much about it and thought it was more profit seeking venture, so
after much consideration have decided Leonard gets the flag...

    The Great Knight in Shining Armor: Doctor Leonard Horowitz UCGraphic?merchantId=BSIND&Filename=BS_Throw_It

Now these new revelations come a long with someone tipping
me off via email:

  • about 11 minutes long [15mb to download]. The "Divine Providence" that exposes both of these freaks for who they are. Horowitz and Caine FAILED to disconnect the phone line to BBS Radio before engaging in trash talk. A listener on the phone bridge routinely records Don Nicoloff's "Evident Footprints" show. Instead of hearing Don Nicoloff, the listener overheard this horrid conversation between Horowitz and Caine. In the tape, you can clearly hear Caine talking to Horowitz about "not placing tape on her face" and of "wearing makeup to bed". Not to mention the numerous "F-bombs" falling continuously and the numerous times the listener asked Horowitz to "PLEASE DISCONNECT YOUR PHONE".

Here's the first audio:

  • about a 57 minute long rant [13mb to download] of all sorts of vain garbage not to mentioned veiled elimination threats. My email commentary of this audio made Horowitz go on a rampage with name calling, police threats and even threatening to sue me for voicing my opinion. And just for that I will publish my commentary [and another email comment that Horrorditz didn't like] and Horrorditz can take his threats and blow them out of his new age butt...

Here's the second audio:

Have a nice day Leonard. Hope your wife and children take
you to the fucking cleaners.

  • "Perhaps there will be "Love528hz" piped into Hell's Chambers...You [Horrorditz] and Sherri [CAIN] can "Vibrate" while you burn."

And now for something special, a song to commemorate all of
Horrorditz's victims:


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The Great Knight in Shining Armor: Doctor Leonard Horowitz Empty Re: The Great Knight in Shining Armor: Doctor Leonard Horowitz

Post  quicksilvercrescendo on Thu 19 Aug 2010, 10:09

Good post.
I remember being critical and pointing out the contradictions of this Jew Knight of Malta a couple years back on the old forum....and even on this one.

In the last audio you posted Len tries to explain that the Knights Hospitaller of St. John-Order of St. John of Jerusalem has nothing to do with the Knights of Malta.

By the mid-12th century, the order was clearly divided into military brothers and those who worked with the sick. It was still a religious order and had privileges granted by the Papacy; for example, the order was exempt from all authority save that of the Pope, and it paid no tithes and was allowed its own religious buildings. Many of the more substantial Christian fortifications in the Holy Land were built by the Templars and the Hospitallers. At the height of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, the Hospitallers held seven great forts and 140 other estates in the area. The two largest of these, their bases of power in the Kingdom and in the Principality of Antioch, were the Krak des Chevaliers and Margat in Syria.[1] The property of the Order was divided into priories, subdivided into bailiwicks, which in turn were divided into commandries. Frederick Barbarossa, the Holy Roman Emperor, pledged his protection to the Knights of St. John in a charter of privileges granted in 1185.

The Knights Templar were dissolved in 1312 and much of their property was given to the Hospitallers. The holdings were organized into eight tongues (one each in Crown of Aragon, Auvergne, Castile, England, France, Germany, Italy, and Provence). Each was administered by a Prior or, if there was more than one priory in the tongue, by a Grand Prior. At Rhodes and later Malta, the resident knights of each tongue were headed by a Bailli. The English Grand Prior at the time was Philip De Thame, who acquired the estates allocated to the English tongue from 1330 to 1358.

This new information just solidifies it for the doubters what these people are all about.

Same deal with the Jew and Zionist backers of the whole Alex Jones circus sideshow.

Former Alex Jones stand-in and right hand man Jack Blood's summary of revelations...


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The Great Knight in Shining Armor: Doctor Leonard Horowitz Empty Re: The Great Knight in Shining Armor: Doctor Leonard Horowitz

Post  KapitanScarlet on Sat 21 Aug 2010, 12:00

Couldnt make out the background talk in that first mp3
I decided to sketch down some notes from the concon panel vids with horowitz and his knighthood issue

The Man called Doug addresses horowitz and informs him that in the original constitiution, titles of nobility are not alllowed, and also that the 13th amendment states that anyone receiving one will lose their citizenship
He then requests that Horowitz publically recinds his knighthood

Horowitz then replies that it is news to him that hed have to give up his citizenship and then states ...If thats the case, I would like to sit down with you and look at what the benefit would be for me to either give up my citizenship or give up my knighthood
He then states that the knights of hospitaliers predate the knoghts of malta and that they were originally benevolent spiritual christians but that that organization went defunct , and it went definct from the same illness that we suffer from right here right now which is that the division of the people to conquer the flock was well administered back then as it is now
The question about this issue of the jew world order triggers his concerns as well as many other jews and hes thankful to tex for giving a clearer explanation and says that he “a jew” has been ostracised from the jewish community because of his love of yeshua in his heart and because of his knighting he has been ostricised from the patriots that he has served for 15 years or so
He then states that the original benevolent hospitaliers were dismantled through political chaos, divisions, manipulations , profiteering and egos and that the original force of good in the hospitaliers had to go undeground

He then states that the people that invited him to be knighted , an ostricised russian prince had set up a revival of the order in new york, to revive this benevolent orders original purpose
He says that in his opinion , the usa is over, and that if he was to give up his citizenship, then quite frankly, he would celebrate, because he would be giving up his enslavement to goldman sachs etc etc , audience claps
So this issue of whether your dealing with a JEW or a KniGHT , just listen to Yeshuas words of YE sHall Know them by their Fruits
Then if my (his) fruit is so distasteful to anyone that considers themselves a christian or a patriot …...the fact that his knighthood was given for alerting the populations about vaccinations and that this saved hundreds of thousands of childrens lives and if for doing this , he has to give up his citizenship or knoghthood, then hes happy to die right now because he knows that his boss (God) will judge him more kindly

Then another guy says that sometimes inncocent organisations can become entangled in conspiracy just because people spin talk about them and that the present version of the hospitaliers and horowitz dont seem incidious by their actions today as yet

Horowitz then talks about how his wife warned him that he would upset people by going what hes doing, and he says he enjoys that , and talks about a relationsship with the creator, divine intuition etc that he knows the truth in his heart and will express it and does not need to please people on panels etc
He does things to challenge your relationships to self and the creator and he says not to listen to him , but do your own thing , says hes posted images of himself holding an owl on his website just to play on the ignorance that erupts and the foolish questioning that it brings and he then relates the knoghthood question to this scenario and that it is a lower level of intelligence he is observing and we have got to lift ourselves out of this illusion of deception

And that he would highly have advised his brother Doug to do him the courtesy of telling him exactly what that guy that ike posted did and said horowitz was basically serving the pope and frankly the idiocy of this . He then applauds the RC church for opposing vaccinations that had disabled people
He then says to doug ...if the pope invited you to Rome to applaud what you do on a worldwide basis, would you decline ? I think thats stupid he says he has actually never done that and that he has never received a call from the pope , but frankly if were all Brothers and Sisters from a single divine source, and we have this illusion of separation and we have a spiritual calling to be of service to not only each other but to the creator , then weve got to get it together
And hes not going to stand here or anywhere and be afraid of discussing anything , nor be afraid to expose his own conspiracys that hes uncovered …........................

The man called Doug then says hes disspointed that horowitz has been “insulting” to him but thx him for the vaccination movement and then asks him to throw away his knoghthood in public

Horowitz says he is not opposed to doing that but does not think it will resolve anything as the issue is divisions and he meant no sleighting he thinks its dumb that we dumbed down humans cant see byond these theological and idealised separations of which this is a wonderful example

The real issue is whether there is a jew world order right now by jews who are not jews and who are these people ?

He says that if it will help everyone understand more about the real issue above then he will give up the knighthood right now but he cant conceive how it will help right now
Hes primary interested in serving the creator and humanity in general and if his ROLE in doing that is to challenge you (the doug character etc) to rethink whether this knighting means so much more than all the other critical issues then he will give it up in an instant

He then issues a challenge to the Doug Gent

“If you think you are going to be able to use my resignation of knighthood as a marketing campaign thats going to be able to raise consciousness regarding whats really happening on this planet , making the critical global issues the focus instead of Who is Dr Horowitz and should we judge him , I will do it , but I dont see u being able to do that brother “

Tsarion then enquires about horowotz citizenship and asks him about the scandal of receiving a knighthood from these gangs that have undermined the usa , horowitz replies that he received it because these modern hospitaliers had a shared vision to put into practice social changes that really benefit people right now , and they are actually doing this, which is more that what the gent dougs work has done to date

Tsarion then asks horowitz to define jesuitical argument of which horowitz is not aware off
Tsarion relates it to sophistry and says he hears a lot of it in what horowitz was just saying regarding camoflouging certain aspects of critical information that have been addressed and that horowitz has done a beautiful job of that and asks horowitz to consider looking at what he said from that angle

I wonder if the gent called doug or anyone else will take up his challenge ?

And when i was looking at Horowitz, i knew id seen him somewhere before ....alias Ricardo Montalban in star trek

The Great Knight in Shining Armor: Doctor Leonard Horowitz Ricardo-montalban-as-khan

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The Great Knight in Shining Armor: Doctor Leonard Horowitz Empty Re: The Great Knight in Shining Armor: Doctor Leonard Horowitz

Post  seraphim on Tue 24 Aug 2010, 22:04

Howdy folks. Wasn't going to comment but this looks interesting especially for me when it comes to health. I haven't read up on Horowitz or his work yet, just remember seeing something circulate around the internet about him and his doctor friend. And then now this.
It's good some things got cleared up otherwise to me would look like someone wanted him out of the picture because of what he says.

The first thing I realized is that when he said he wanted to serve God, then I knew he was a pawn. And he never ever mentioned anything about improving himself. If a person cannot or doesn't want to serve their Self they might as well just give there soul away. It's real sad he doesn't want to better or free himself at all. I really believe he thinks that he is doing good and why he is so darn angry and defensive, because he thinks he is helping others, but in reality he can't unless he works on himself first, but he is being used as usual. Just like a churchgoer would defend their God.
His group seems to have brainwashed him with being in the altruistic mode, so that his own Self becomes non existent.

I also find it very interesting that he has such powerful enemies, as he calls them. Always battling.

I agree that child abuse and abuse of the sexual energies is so much more important to look into than vaccinations. I talked about homosexuality. Now if people realized what sexual abuse can do to a person and even change their sexuality and cause them to abuse as well. If people stopped being in the victim mode and blinded and at least admit that the abuses from society turned them gay or into a pedophile etc,then maybe the root of the problem at least would be found out and then they can go from there.
Thousands and thousands of people are completely ruined because of this just look here or your own backyard, the same form of madness:

But sadly people are so far gone, nothing matters anymore so all the inhumanities will not even be looked into. Destruction is accepted now and has become the norm.

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The Great Knight in Shining Armor: Doctor Leonard Horowitz Empty Re: The Great Knight in Shining Armor: Doctor Leonard Horowitz

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