'Atlantean' Great Flood. new free article from goro adachi

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'Atlantean' Great Flood. new free article from goro adachi  Empty 'Atlantean' Great Flood. new free article from goro adachi

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its the article on front page at the top from aug 10.

i thought it was interesting. especially the japanese, russian and american space launches coinciding with dates of the world cup and certain star alignments. like with pleiades and solar sailing. pictures make from the site make things easier to understand.

Something extraordinary happened late July/early August...

'Atlantean' Great Flood

Jul 28 Pakistani plane with 152 aboard crashes
Jul 30 More than 400 people dead in Pakistan flooding
Jul 31 Pakistan floods 'kill 800' people, affect a million
Aug 01 Pakistan flood deaths top 1,100
Aug 02 '2.5 million people affected' by Pakistan floods
Aug 03 Pakistan city descends into chaos
Aug 06 Pakistan floods 'hit 12m people'
Aug 07 Pakistan issues flooding 'red alert' for province
Aug 07 Extreme skier dies on K2 in Pakistan
Aug 07 More rain lashes Pakistan, deepening crisis
Aug 08 Pakistan will need billions to recover
Aug 08 Flood-ravaged Pakistan hit by deadly landslips
Aug 09 Pakistan floods worse than Sumatra 2004

Jul-Aug2010-Pakistan_flood.jpg (236408 bytes)

As above, so below. 'Tsunami' above, 'great flood' below...

Aug 02 NASA scientists braced for 'solar tsunami' to hit earth
Aug 03 Aurora Show Heading for Earth Following 4 Solar Eruptions
Aug 04 Solar storm hitting Earth causes spectacular aurora displays

This was probably the moment, the signal, that the Solar Minimum was over and (Mayan) Solar Cycle 24 was undeniably underway. (Solar Max projected around 2012-2013.) In other words, after hitting the snooze button many times over the past few years the Sun finally decided to come out of its deep slumber and rise and shine like the phoenix.

Timing says 'Atlantis rising'. Anticipation and fulfillment... From my previous post (July 25):

...a rather intense and sizable August window [...] which may be triggered... in late July, when we'll have a grand planetary alignment [which] I view it as something of an 'Atlantean Alignment', coming directly and pentagonally from May 14-15 (2010) when space shuttle Atlantis STS-132 launched likely for the last time with a main payload... called 'Dawn' [...] Michael Jackson doing his 'Atlas pose' (raised arms holding up the globe) posthumously gave a nod to the date, whispering, 'this is it'. [...]

Atlantis/Lucifer rising out of the Underworld. And August will be a particularly radioactive month for this which will be, from the looks of it, 'triggered' around July 30 via the 'This Is It' Atlantean planetary alignment.

'Atlantis' implies 'Great Flood' and vice versa. The floods in Pakistan and the solar 'tsunami' were 'great floods' and they began precisely during our pentagrammic 'Atlantean' window. So it's clear what it was. (As for the location of Pakistan, we'll go into that issue in a more official article soon. Something extraordinary there.)

It was...

Solar Flood, Solar Atlantis

Basically a continuation of a pattern stemming from the 'other side' of the Atlantean window, ~ May 14, which requires some explanation.

NASA launched space shuttle Atlantis probably for the last time on May 14 with Russian ISS module 'Dawn'. Six days later (May 20) Japan launched 'Akatsuki' (meaning 'Dawn' in Japanese) to Venus (= pentagram, Lucifer = 'son of dawn'). The very same day (May 20), the 'Dawn' module newly installed at the ISS (space station) opened its door for the first time.

How you are fallen from heaven,
O [Day Star/Lucifer/Venus], son of Dawn!
- Isaiah 14:12
NASA space shuttle
Atlantis STS-132 Japan's Venus mission
Akatsuki (& Ikaros)

Launch May 14, 2010 Launch May 20, 2010
Primary payload Russian research module called 'Dawn' - room opened May 20 (same day Newton apple tree ritual) Spacecraft 'Akatsuki' - meaning 'Dawn' - launched May 20
Return early morning Launch early morning
Launch at pentagram apex day with Newton's apple tree (apple core = pentagram) Akatsuki going to Venus (= pentagram, 'Lucifer')
Newton's apple tree = apple falling (gravity), and... Ikaros => Icarus = (in mythology) falls to earth after flying too close to sun

Akatsuki/Dawn was launched with another Venus/solar mission called 'IKAROS' or 'Interplanetary Kite-craft Accelerated by Radiation Of the Sun', an experimental spacecraft designed to use sunlight pressure to travel/accelerate like a sailboat. Ikaros is the world's first 'solar sailing' spacecraft...

So that's Atlantis (shuttle/ISS/Dawn) and the Sun (Ikaros) together whispering 'Solar Atlantis' again on May 20.

Why May 20? Because that's precisely when the Sun glides past the Pleiades star cluster in Taurus every year. And Pleiades is widely thought to derive its name from a word meaning 'to sail', making the stars 'sailing ones'. Juxtaposed with the Sun on May 20... 'solar sail'!

This was also a 'Solar Atlantis' ritual. How? Simple. The Pleiades in Greek mythology were the seven daughters of Atlas ('Atlantides') or the first king of Atlantis! (The name 'Atlantis' can mean 'daughter of Atlas'.)

What? Want more? No problem...

Ikaros fully deployed its solar sail on June 11 coinciding with the start of the World Cup in South Africa. The World Cup, as discussed before, is 'Atlas Cup'. Definitely an Atlantean sporting event, underscored by Spain ultimately winning the trophy a month later during a total solar eclipse, geographically alluding to the 'Pillars of Hercules' inseparable from the legend of Atlantis per Plato.

[World Cup trophy (left) & Atlas statue (right)]

Spain (winner) = 'Pillar of Hercules' = Strait of Gibraltar
(Plato: Atlantis situated beyond the Pillars of Hercules)

It was also right around June 11 that there were big headlines about a young sailor Abby Sunderland getting lost at sea while sailing around the world! Atlantis, Atlantis, Atlantis...

Jun 10 Teenage girl sailor 'in trouble' in Indian Ocean
Jun 11 Abby Sunderland, Teen Sailor, Found Safe at Sea
Jun 12 US teenage sailor Abby Sunderland rescued

* * *

UPDATE 8/12: When it rains it pours. New film Charlie St. Cloud was released on July 30 (coinciding with Atlantean 'solar flood'), a story heavily involving not just sailing but also a girl dreaming of sailing around the world just like Abby Sunderland above!

* * *

Enough said for now.

The main point of this post: 1) I wasn't kidding when I suggested (since months ago) that Atlantis is at the heart of what's happening in 2010, and 2) Atlantis/Atlas was expressed around July 30 as projected beforehand directly echoing ~May 14. The ~July 30 window was also projected to trigger an intense sequence of overlapping windows covering pretty much the whole month of August. We are already seeing simultaneous major 'earth changes' round the world...

Jul 31 Russia mobilises 240,000 to fight deadly wildfires
Aug 02 Russia declares state of emergency over wildfires
Aug 07 Smog in Moscow Worsens as Russian Fires Burn
Aug 07 Massive ice island breaks off Greenland
Aug 08 Dozens killed in landslides in China's Gansu province
Aug 09 1,100 Missing in China Amid Sweeping Asia Floods
Aug 09 Russians worry heat wave deaths under reported
Aug 09 165 dead in India flooding
Aug 10 Russian fires might emit radioactive smoke

I'd say the latter half of August is looking more intense with an anchor (impact?) point around August 22-23. From the Underworld it cometh? (In addition to the more obvious potentialities, it's also possible that the Italy/Rome/Pope crisis storyline will come back to the forefront.) [UPDATE 8/11: The 'obvious potentialities' include a major development directly or indirectly involving the Gulf oil disaster.]

P.S. The really extraordinary aspects of what happened will be discussed in the near future.

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