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Post  tgII on Wed 14 Sep 2011, 00:57

Kapis, yeah, it's all mind blowing, but still speculative on my part, but
now that we can analyze closely how the minds of psychopaths work,
which hasn't been scrutinized until just the past ten years, we can
clearly see patterns here in these purely ego driven creatures who
people disgustingly worship.

The Zapruder film is not a good source to depend on for what we are
observing. We will never know just how much the film was altered, but
we can clearly see enough to come to some conclusions about Jackie
Kennedy's involvement in her husband's death. The last year or so of
their 'marriage' they slept in different rooms in the White House. The
kind of clues that give you useful insights as evidence.

And this just came in a few hours ago dated 13 Sep 2011 on Jackie
Kennedy tapes being released...the article addresses how bad the economy
is and the American condition, so give us another Jackie Kennedy. The fairy
tale continues...

  • Jackie: In her own words

    Jacqueline Kennedy was the consummate presidential consort – clever, stylish, loyal. But tapes of her candid thoughts about political figures, about to be heard for the first time, make for illuminating, unsettling listening, says David Usborne

    It is a country worn down by present dangers (the economy) and exhausted by commemorations of grief (9/11). Around the corner is an election where retrenchment and lost ambition will trump hope. Oh, for the days of... what or who? Oh, for the bright beacon days – of course – of Camelot. [the Camelot image was entirely Jackie Kennedy's idea in the White House. John Kennedy apparently enjoyed listening to this music before going to bed, and so Jackie picked up on this theme and made the White House 'Camelot.' Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck made a movie that solidified this idea in the minds of Americans. More archaic Hollywood nonsense; as if Americans should worship the American presidency - his wife - as some sort of Camelot king and queen? Fifty years now after looking at this I can't help but come to the conclusion as to how utterly childish and arcane that was.]

    The Temple of Death - Abraham Lincoln - Page 2 JackieAlamy_646407t

    Tonight a wish will be granted by the fairy godmother of the nation. Imagine she has dropped in and asked: "Which figure in your recent history, taken too young, should I restore to you, at least in voice, to give you distraction?" So some might answer Elvis or Tupac Shakur, but it's a decent bet that many will have looked up and said Jackie. Give us Jackie again.

Also, Arthur Schlesinger is the official establishment historian, I wouldn't
give too much credence to anything he said or wrote about this history.
Instead, you have to be very good at distilling out the clues and chaff to
make sense of Jackie Kennedy's place in that history beneath the veneer
of establishment bullshit history to protect their psycho images. Is it any
wonder nothing changes in our historical circumstances?

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Post  Sputnik on Thu 15 Sep 2011, 12:18

JFK's father wanted his first son to become President, but Joe died in war. Then JFK who was always second in the eyes of the father had to fill in and was forced into politics. JFK was properbly the sickest of all US Presidents despite his charisma and young age. He suffered from at least three different lifethreatening diseases and took a cocktail of medications..including cortison and codein. When in the White House he would have "Dr. Feelgood" come over...a famous high society doc who injected him Amphetamins..just before he and Jackie went to Paris he put her on the Amphetamin injections too because she seemed "depressed". His marriage to Jackie was always a cover as his father said to him: it doesn't matter who you are, but what people think you are. On Jackie's wedding day she was asked by a that you are marry you are surely in love with him..and she said: what makes you think I am in love with Kennedy...shortly after the wedding she was interviewed by a reporter and he asked a similar question about her being in love and her response is: NO (I saw that TV interview)..then she realises and asked the reporter: I said no didn't I? he says yes and suggests they's do it the second take then she answers: I suppose I do. JFK knew that his live was always threatened by his bad health, he was able to hide this from the public eyes, but he was basically on crutches..and heavy drugs, another truth about him was that he was a womanizer...he said thinks like: I need a fresh ass every day...and he more or less did..he had one affair after another before his marriage and during his marriage...he had sexparties in the White House Swimming Pool and his security Staff was ordered to not let anyone into the area, nobody, and they were also ordered to make sure Jackie never accidently ran into him fucking some "fresh ass". Then he had a hefty love affair with a swedish women..he seemed to like her a lot better then Jackie (who was chosen as regular breeding pedigree) and wrote her quite a few love the last one he said he would quit his position and get a divorce and live HIS life....

One more funny anekdote about JFK's fucking adventures: JFK did Ellen Rometsch, an East German spy. When the Profumo affair (a sex scandal with a German spy) was blowing apart the British government, the Kennedys paid her off and had her deported. but there was a congrssional investigation into finding out who she met in the White house .. then they digged a bit deeper and it was revealed that somebody delivered prostitutes & sex willing Kennedy groupies into the white house was only a matter of time before this scandle would blow up into the public.

Who knows, maybe Kennedy was killed and turned into "mythos" to save face after all. I am sure Jacky had no problems to find powerful allies (all those who would be damaged by this exposure. Jacky knew about the power of the picture..that's why she let her little son 'salute' ....just hours after the assassination Jacky checked into the congr. records to see how Abraham Lincoln's funeral was being conducted....she was soooo much more ambitious then JFK himself. He threatened HER powerful position and her reputation and her wealth and that of the political Kennedy clan. She had plenty motives.


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Post  Sputnik on Thu 15 Sep 2011, 12:27

One may ask: how did Caroline Kennedy stop the release of the TV series "the Kennedy's"...???

She must have had some VERY VERY convincing "arguments" to have them throw the whole project into the bin.

And the Kennedy's biggest asset is the JFK mythology (not who he really was, but what people think he was) Wink

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Post  tgII on Fri 16 Sep 2011, 02:03

Good insights and confirms much doesn't it? About their 'love' and
happy Camelot setting. What bullshit hey? People don't know that
Jackie Kennedy seduced Marlon Brando and after getting up off the
top of Jackie, that was the last time Marlon Brando met with her.

The truth of the matter was, John F. Kennedy was addicted to sex,
once while in Bermuda in 1961 for an arms summit, his intern was
crouched in the back of the limousine waiting to service the leader of
the 'free world.' In Russell Brand's recent autobiography, My Booky
, Kennedy famously made the excuse: “If I don't have a woman
for three days, I get terrible headaches.” Here was the archetypal sex
addicted philanderer claiming to experience withdrawal symptoms, a
cardinal sign of addiction. I wonder how they 'did it?' Did she straddle
him, give him a blow job, did he drop his pants and penetrate the aid
from the rear?

  • The Temple of Death - Abraham Lincoln - Page 2 Kermitsex
    "Yeah baby, 20 seconds to liftoff;
    fuckin' NASA here we cum!"

Fucking puppets, that's all they are. And people gorge themselves on
their titillating public persona.

A 'philanderer' back then was polite reference to a man who was simply
addicted to sex and got his high and stimulation off fucking as many
women as he could get his dick into. Imagine the loss of energy from
that much expulsion of sperm? No wonder Jack Kennedy was so sick
and crippled up.

He shamelessly propositioned aides, socialites and starlets, disdained
foreplay and, according to the Hollywood actress Angie Dickinson,
climaxed within about 20 seconds, yet he was clever, intelligent and an
articulate man. I wonder if he was circumcised? A Jewish thing for making
males less aggressive.

Don't you just love trashing the wealthy and powerful? bounce

It seems all they do behind closed doors, out on the dark streets
behind the White House and in private galleries, fuck and screw their
brains out...mean while, back in font of national television for the press
conference or speech, a completely different human being appears.

And the Profumo Affair, which I opened up on in another thread, was
all intertwined with political destruction, extortion, mind control and sex
which brought down the government of Britain surrounding John
fucking his brains out with Christine Wheeler.

The underlying reason though, for Kennedy's assassination, I think,
seemed to have been his opposition to Israel becoming a nuclear
armed state. So all the personal proclivity Kennedy had including
addiction to sex and drugs, his breeding children with a 'dolly', that
being a specific gene carrier through Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, were
perhaps secondarily exploited. Having someone in place and perfectly
willing, and even programmed, to shoot Kennedy in the limo.

I say, great. She blew his head off, walked away with Onassis and
millions of dollars including an enduring public persona until she died.
That is 'exemplary' of the Illuminati families to maintain their power

It is from my reading too, that Jacqueline Lee Bouvier "Jackie" Kennedy
Onassis' ancestor was in London as a 'dolly' for carrying specific gene
traits, that Benjamin Franklin bred with while he was inducted into the
Hell Fire Club in London. I've often wondered what happened to this line
of family?

Here is another genetic concoction, probably French-Jewish, Princess Caroline
Lee Bouvier Canfield Radziwill Ross aka “Lee”
. the younger sister of Jacqueline
Lee Bouvier "Jackie" Kennedy Onassis. And what's with these impossible to
remember names?

  • The Temple of Death - Abraham Lincoln - Page 2 Image_thumb241

Have a look at the images of these two at this blog. It really makes you
wonder what these people are up to? It's all about them and their irrational
fears of protecting their public images.

It was thought, and revealed by a few insiders, and probably even on hidden
tapes, that JFK seduced as many as ten women a week while in the White
House. I wonder how many men Jacqueline burned through before finalizing
her relationship with an Illuminati-induced program to kill Jack Kennedy?

Jack, I really do love you. BOOM! I wonder what her last words were
to Jack?

I am convinced that those tragic events have an Othello Shakespearean sense
and overtone to them; like being scripted in many ways as a theater right up to
the moment where Jackie shoots Jack. Jackie and Jack; and she is buried next
to him in Arlington Cemetery!?

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Post  tgII on Fri 16 Sep 2011, 07:36

Looks like the John Kennedy - Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
thread just got hijacked by the 'Breivik, who is currently in solitary
confinement' thread.

rainyday?!!!!Evil or Very Mad

After Aristotle Onassis died, who Jackie 'O' was with for five probably
very disconcerting years, somehow a guy by the name of Maurice
ingratiates himself into Jackie's life, who spends the last
ten years of Jackie's life with her in New York. It turns out that Maurice
Tempelsman was an enigmatic Belgian-born Jewish diamond merchant;
and he was an international 'agent-in-place' for the Mossad traveling all
over Africa for the Mossad and its allies, or partners, in the US CIA.

Maurice Tempelsman is described as some kind of a 'live in companion'
of Jackie's in her expensive New York penthouse. He ended up handling
Jackie's estate and if you get the chance, check out Tempelsman's bio, he
had some serious political clout in America as an intel asset for the Israeli
Mossad. Even flew on Air Force One with Bill Clinton. How the hell is that
supposed to work?

Check the title of this thread: The Temple of Death. Check the
last name: Tempel-sman; "Mensch" of the Temple, no?

Dude, increase my fortune and I'll love you too...the headline on this
piece read: 'The Man Jackie Loves'.

  • The Temple of Death - Abraham Lincoln - Page 2 19940711-205-81
    Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy with Maurice
    Tempelsman - Mossad asset; political string,
    puller; wealthy businessman; diamond merchant

And don't forget, 50% of Israel's exports circa 2005 come from
diamonds which is in the billions of dollars. Is it any wonder the House
of Rothschild
inserted its bagmen in the form of the state of Israel right
smack dab in the middle of that trade route to Africa and its store house
of resources including diamonds?

Do you want to know what I suspect, I think Tempelsman ingratiated
himself into Jackie Onassis' life to keep very close tabs on her in the event
somehow if she were to release in any way her shooting Kennedy.
Tempelsman ingratiated himself into Jackie's life, and by some accounts,
tripled the already substantial fortune of Jacqueline Kennedy. Intel
suggests under Tempelsman's management, Jackie's fortune went from
$26 million to over $100 million.

And this really stuck out at me when I discovered it: Maurice Tempelsman
has three grown children by his estranged wife, Lilly Bucholz. Tempelman's
daughter, Rena, is the widow of Robert Speisman, an executive vice
president of Tempelsman’s company who was on board American Airlines
Flight 77
, when the aircraft crashed into the Pentagon during the Sep-
tember 11 attacks?!

Can you even fathom this shit? By the way, AA77 didn't 'crash into the
Pentagon' in case anyone should be considering that anomaly.

Money talks, don't ever be fooled into thinking otherwise. In 1990,
California Democratic assemblyman Mervyn Dymally changed his position
on diamond imports after a 1988 meeting with Maurice Tempelsman —
and after Tempelsman contributed $34,200 to a Dymally-supported
scholarship fund for minority students.

See how these fucking shitbag politicians can be bought off so easily?
And speaking of diamonds, what a scam that market is.

Once again, Maurice Tempelsman with Jackie seemed odd compared to
Jackie, yet Tempelsman was a cultured and sophisticated man; so
sophisticated in fact, he was involved in blood diamonds in Angola:

I can feel it in my bones with Tempelsman, he was there to silence
Jackie the last ten years of her life. And Jackie's son, John, before
his plane took a dive into the Atlantic, did not want Tempelsman
around telling him in no uncertain terms to take a hike.

The Tempelsman empire remains rock solid behind Leon Tempelsman &
Sons, De Beers, and Lazare Kaplan International—supplier of Tiffany’s
and Cartier’s diamonds. So what the hell was the president of this
powerful blood diamond company, Robert Speisman, getting lured to
fly on Flight 77 on September 11, 2001?


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The Temple of Death - Abraham Lincoln - Page 2 Empty Re: The Temple of Death - Abraham Lincoln

Post  tgII on Fri 16 Sep 2011, 11:17

Absolutely, Flames, but an entirely different scenario.

Bill Clinton was kicked out of Oxford eventually; probably inappropriate
behavior going beyond the pale re rape, sex and drug use. My feeling
is he was extorted at Oxford. There are probably pictures/videos, or
both, showing him in compromising positions, later used to extort him.

When he went up against the City of London while president, London
threw everything at him to destroy his presidency including Monika
Lewinsky through agent Linda Trapp, I mean Tripp. What a trip hey?

Bill would fuck anything moving.

Hillary was a patent lawyer and she brokered the GRS11 Gyrochips
out of the Arkansas firm that were used on the aircraft that slammed
into the Twin Towers and used on drones. Probably the modified
Raytheon A3 Skywarrior that slammed into the Pentagon as well.

Extremely dangerous woman, say again: extremely dangerous.

A lot to look at with these two. I know they are very tight with
Rothschild though. Something else that I picked up on that surprised
me, was that Hillary Clinton's uncle was assigned to the Kennedy detail
as a Secret Service agent. Haven't been able to track this down yet in
too much detail.


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Post  KapitanScarlet on Sat 17 Sep 2011, 01:43

Excellent series of thought provoking and factual posts on this fascinating jackie character Tg, i will be checking out the vids /links over the weekend as now I'm really catching an interest in this american love spell called the kennedys
And the Kennedy's biggest asset is the JFK mythology (not who he really was, but what people think he was)
On the mark Rolling Eyes

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The Temple of Death - Abraham Lincoln - Page 2 Empty Re: The Temple of Death - Abraham Lincoln

Post  KapitanScarlet on Mon 19 Sep 2011, 23:38

Im not sure exactly how his head got blown off(the exact mechanics of the hit) , but the information in this thread is far more investigative and suggestive of more believable motives and possibles than any of the official infamous legend-generating hollywood spiel-garbage thats been dished out over the years

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The Temple of Death - Abraham Lincoln - Page 2 Empty Re: The Temple of Death - Abraham Lincoln

Post  tgII on Wed 21 Sep 2011, 08:22

Watch the gif clip I posted on the first page of this thread hundred times of
just her right hand; do it clinically without coming to any judgments what-
soever about whether or not you understand, or allowing any personal
prejudices to influence what you are seeing...complexity lies in simple.

It all centers on Israel; nemesis approaches...

In the meantime, a huge typhoon is blowing threw Tokyo and I'm going down
to the river to watch the flooding; the sirens just went off.


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Post  tgII on Tue 21 Feb 2012, 12:24

The Temple of Death - Lincoln we reveal history...

...with my tracking this guy down in the dark recesses of the internet; read his
biography Reminiscences of An Idler online available at...

Henry Wikoff was well educated, literate, an excellent author and an extremely
suspicious man: he penetrated Mary Todd Lincoln's inner circle becoming
intimate friends with her in the White House. Henry Wikoff was at Princeton
for one year but apparently never graduated. Mary Todd Lincoln in today's
terms could be described as out of her crazy mind, bat shit crazy and a
total basket case, probably addicted to opium. Lincoln himself was probably
homosexual, or damn close from recent readings I've poured over; Mary Todd
Lincoln was White House decoration center piece. Gore Vidal's take on Lincoln
is off the wall ludicrous; establishment hogwash.

After Mary Todd Lincoln left Washington, she went back to Illinois where she
was eventually institutionalized at Bellevue Place, a private sanitarium in the
Fox River Valley, Illinois. Turned out her only female friend was a practicing
spiritualist, a feminist and lawyer.

    The Temple of Death - Abraham Lincoln - Page 2 MES21406_med
    Henry Wikoff in later life

Wikoff's 'credentials' came through the New York Harold as a reporter;
explains how he was able to ingratiate himself into the White House. The
"Bohemian Brigade" covered reporting on the Civil War (Rothschild financed
City of London instigated slaughter to prevent America from ultimately
freeing itself from European bankers control of money creation).

Henry Wikoff was also friendly with the Bonaparte royal family in France, and
was awarded the honor of Knight Commander of the Royal Order of Isabella
the Catholic, by the King of Spain in 1871, entitling him to call himself Chevalier.

So now it's 'Chevalier' Henry Wikoff.

Henry Wikoff's other book (he wrote several more) The Adventures of a Roving
revealed details of his experiences as a diplomat working for the British
Foreign Office re: a British intelligence asset.

Penetrates Lincoln's White House as an 'American' reporter for the New
York Harold
, goes to Europe and ends up in Britain working for the British
Foreign Office?

Notice Henry Wikoff's revealing picture below; his left hand tucked into his
breast under his top coat. Secrets.

    The Temple of Death - Abraham Lincoln - Page 2 C1270
    Portrait engraving of Henry Wikoff by P. C.
    van Geel, 1836

When Wikoff was in London, he had intimate meetings with Lord Palmerston,
Prime Minister of Britain and the only PM of Britain to die while holding office:
October, 1865. Lincoln was hit in April the same year while watching a play in
Ford's Theater. Ford's Theater was owned by friends of Junius Brutus
, a famous British actor and father of John Wilkes Booth, the alleged
assassin of Lincoln in Ford's Theater.

Lord Palmerston himself was the epitome of evil, the man was a psycho and
practiced the British religion of snobbery bringing the British empire to the
pinnacle of its power, or so we're led to think. This is who Henry Wikoff had
meetings with in London; the same man who wanted to create the new Roman
Empire centered in London

Does anyone seriously think Lord Palmerston would allow Lincoln to challenge
London's rule in resource monopolization and complete control of banking?

Henry Wikoff went to London and on one evening he attended a play at the
Adelphi Theater. The Adelphi Theater is where Junius Brutus Booth acted and
was considered to be the finest actor in Britain portraying the starring role in
Richard III.

After watching the play, Edwin Forrest, another famous actor, came to Wikoff's
room wanting to discuss a relationship he was involved in that he was having
difficulty with. Junius Brutus Both and Edwin Forrest were both actors and they
played together many times on the same stage sharing a friendship but often
competing against each other in starring roles; Forrest looked up to Booth as his
mentor mentioning this several times in his writings. Later, when Junius Brutus
Booth had children, he named his other son 'Edwin' after Edwin Forrest.

So here is British intel asset, Henry Wikoff, who worked for the British Foreign
office, in London in a private room talking to Edwin Forrest, a friend of Junius
Brutus Booth, the father of John Wilkes Booth, the alleged assassin of Abraham

Junius Brutus Booth eventually went to the United States and died there buried
in Baltimore. After Edwin Forrest heard of John Wilkes Booth killing Lincoln,
Forrest commented that "the Booth family were always crazy."

Henry Wikoff, after the Lincoln hit, left for France and died in Britain.

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