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Racism - a conditioned state of mind ?

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Racism - a conditioned state of mind ? Empty Racism - a conditioned state of mind ?

Post  KapitanScarlet on Wed 17 Feb 2010, 00:16

Silent defusion

Given the institutionalized anti-White antipathy and bias of "our" "civil society" and the closely related ZOG (AKA the system), we are not duty or honor bound to sacrifice our personal, group, descendants' or ancestors' interests by recklessly upholding a traditional White idealistic sense of honor, honesty and fair play. Doing so would allow anti-White haters who fight dirty to twist our virtues against us for base and genocidal ends. Our honor should be reserved for our people and given only to those treating us with honor. Those treating us in good faith and honor should receive the same from us, including Blacks and Jews.

For example, right now many instititions including the military, deliberately weed out pro-White activists while allowing non-White activists, supremacists and gang members including some Jewish supremacists with their primary loyalty to other Jews and Israel instead of "America". If the system is rigged against us, it has no legitimacy and we have no obligation to weaken ourselves by scrupulously giving honesty to a dishonorable and dishonest system.

We Need Lots-O-Infiltrators!

We need many pro-Whites embedded within existing institutions to gather intelligence, leak evil or embarrassing data, oppose or undermine anti-White actions and policies, sow discord among our enemies and so on. Some of them are already in place but aren't yet pro-White, while others will infiltrate in the future. Many of these Whites may need to keep quiet or even directly lie about their pro-White commitment. This would not be dishonorable. This country was created by our forefathers for their posterity and has been hijacked by an evil anti-White system undeserving of our support unless it abandons its anti-White oppression and stops promoting long-term White genocide. A small set of key infiltrators in the right institutions, both public and private, could expose tremendous amounts of malevolent anti-White scheming and action by the system as well as lots of highly embarrassing dirt, corruption and abuses of power.

Just imagine all the anti-White directives and work products used in the advertising industry, mainstream media and Hollywood. I suspect audio recordings of some of their meetings would be highly revealing to the sheeple, kinda like the denouement of A Face In The Crowd (1957), an excellent anti-White, Jewish supremacist classic deserving close study directed by Elia Kazan, starring Andy Griffith and with writing and screenwriter credits by Jewish Commie Budd Schulberg (I won't give away the ending because it's a major spoiler. Watch it if you haven't seen it. I have little doubt it is in complete accord with how our elites view the rest of us)................

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Racism - a conditioned state of mind ? Empty Re: Racism - a conditioned state of mind ?

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