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Drugs INC. NATGEO documentaries Empty Drugs INC. NATGEO documentaries

Post  highnoon on Thu 30 May 2013, 22:31

A national geographic TV series about drugs in different cities in america and elsewhere.

All on youtube no commercials. These 2 were my favourite, detroit because of the unique circumstance of sqaure mile areas or larger of abandoned and burned down buildings/houses, and Puerto Rico because of the purity levels being higher, prices much cheaper, and also Horse Tranquilizer abuse since cartels are more ruthless. You'll actually find that in america. a lot of dealers have codes of conduct, such as, i only deal with high class clientel and i charge them a high price, so i have a small but loyal customer base of socialites, or, there is even a case of detroit for instance, that has dealers and gangs acting as police since police dont go into certain neighbourhoods anymore. Because the crime got so high and people got too scared to do business, the gangs had to enforce good behaviour from all the lowlifes. gangs will actually beat up rapists, thiefs etc just to make neighbourhoods without police liveable once again so trust can go up to allow drug sales safely. the PR dealers though on the other hand... will cut the horse tranquilizer into heroine to actually make the heroine even more addictive(like thats neccessary). Theres addicts in puerto rico with giant ulcers and eventually they get amputated or die from these injection sites. also because of the humidity and temperature, bacteria multiplies much faster on these street people in this country so their wounds can escalate extremely fast.


Puerto Rico

I also watched New york and Hawaii. Usually each city has something unique about, but new york was actually just run of the mill and nothing interesting. Hawaii was ok too because of the very high prices due to the difficulty too get drugs onto that island, which creates a higher culture of theft crime and BnE's to pay for peoples habits

Its hit and miss but the two i linked are the best ive seen so far.

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Drugs INC. NATGEO documentaries Empty Re: Drugs INC. NATGEO documentaries

Post  KapitanScarlet on Fri 31 May 2013, 00:26

its the one career choice that seems to resist all economic swings - drug dealer
if your low down on the supply chain , your a petty criminal , if your high up, your a diplomat, a politician or an aristocrat

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