Unknown Tier of Finance Based on Gold

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Unknown Tier of Finance Based on Gold Empty Unknown Tier of Finance Based on Gold

Post  tgII on Mon 12 Mar 2012, 00:27

From the Interview Thread on Joseph Farrell's recent interview:

    While the size of the Bormann [Borman was instrumental in all this setting up over 700 corporations to keep this wealth hidden] treasure is not known with any accuracy, it undoubtedly is the largest Nazi treasure that has not been recovered. The only other treasure remaining from WWII that could rival it in size is the Golden Lily treasure collected for the Japanese Emperor. While the Nazi treasure has been the subject of numerous searches and research, the Japanese treasure has been largely left unexplored. While the Nazis appointed a special unit of the SS, Devisenschutzkommando to take charge of the looting of Europe, the Japanese likewise had a special unit. Whereas, the Nazi unit employed Frenchmen to locate gold and currency on a ten percent commission, the unit was plagued by individuals seeking to enrich themselves rather than the Third Reich and much gold was siphoned off into private treasures. Seeking to avoid a similar problem, Hirohito appointed Prince Takeda Tsuneoshi as chief financial officer of the Kwantung Army. Several princes were involved with the Golden Lily operation. [as discussed by Joseph Farrell in his recent interview on this tier of finance that is unknown] After the Japanese invaded China in 1937, the Golden Lily operation conducted a parallel operation. Loot was amassed and trucked to Korea for shipment to the Japanese homeland.

The entire essay is available at and goes into greater detail here:

The idea that there is an entire financial system out here that has been
funding off the books research based on gold that is not on the record
books re: space exploration based on the images of Kennedy, a space
shuttle and the moon on the $134 billion in bearer bonds carried by two
Japanese men arrested in Italy several years ago.

Related to Lord Blackheath's talk in the House of Lords on the $15
trillion financial fraud and the recent resignation of bankers around the

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Unknown Tier of Finance Based on Gold Empty Re: Unknown Tier of Finance Based on Gold

Post  tgII on Wed 28 Mar 2012, 03:44

This board sure is dead recently?

Anyway, the flow of gold is always an interesting, and greedy topic...

    A huge additional part of the puzzle, [Afghanistan puzzle] I believe, is evidence I've uncovered of immense untapped Afghanistan gold reserves. As revealed by the below memoirs of an American who married an Afghan princess and lived out his life in the country, Alexander Gardner, gold is plentiful in Afghanistan's rivers, [not too sure about this claim though; wouldn't it seem that after all these years and countless invasions most of this gold has been extracted knowing man's intense psychopathological drive to wealth?] as in the California Gold Rush, and has been for thousands of years. The locals' means of collecting it is to leave sheep fleeces in the rivers that trap the nuggets in their tight curls and are then removed and hung on trees to dry. This is the historical source of the ancient Golden Fleece legend, which wasn't just a legend.

A connection?

    Before 9/11, the bankers' believed they "had" to have the gold in Afghanistan to back up their currencies, i.e. we never really went off the 'gold standard.'

This link was sent to me and read it last night. Found it relevant and
interesting by Alexander Gardner...

    Unknown Tier of Finance Based on Gold Gardner
    Alexander Gardner

    "Alexander Gardner was educated for his time and witnessed tribesmen sink fleecy sheepskins into the river and then remove them to dry full of trapped gold. Tribes fought to death to possess the fleeces. Perhaps, he thought, the golden fleeces of myth."

There's gold in them there rivers in Afghanistan?!


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