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Post  quicksilvercrescendo on Sat 19 Jan 2013, 17:37

Personally, sports scandals are not high on my priorities but they are interesting to see how they unfold when studying human nature and hero worship.
He hasn't avoided detection.
He was found out long ago.
He has aggressively fought every accusation and positive test as they transpired along his career path no matter how scientific or damning the evidence.
He had openly admitted to another person while lying in his hospital bed sick from chemo treatments that he had been and was doping long prior to his cancer diagnosis. This is the much publicized woman that he successfully sued in court for lying about him and also ruining this woman's husbands career in biking.

Lance even lied to Oprah during his recent confessional about when he doped.
He just can't stop lying and will continue to lie should it put him at legal risk for even more lawsuits or criminal charges.

Here is the interview with this woman that pretty much knows the scoop about who Lance really is.

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Post  KapitanScarlet on Sun 20 Jan 2013, 22:27

My interest is purely on how these adoring public hordes were duped for years by their "Hero" and now that hes proven to be a mutliple layered liar, even when hes claiming telling the truth, its just one notch up from the lie , his body language is so tight that i bet he had a sprained sphinkter after that interview

But i dont rate the tour de france as highly as a pure individual performance sport, because the winner is always carried by their team, its really a team victory , slipstream tactics are the key to long haul bike races

But give armstrong his due, he was the best chemically induced cyclist out there which probably included the top 50 cyclists Very Happy

The other small point being that when armstrong sued the uk national newspaper and won damages when it accused him of being doped up, armstrong took an oath in court that he was telling the truth , now that we know he was lying, the penalty in the uk for lying under oath is imprisonment

Will he be hailed from the usa ALA WIKILEAK STYLE Razz dont hold your breath

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Celebrity Fanatics - Page 2 Empty Re: Celebrity Fanatics

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