Catholic Interdiction In Europe Through George S. Patton

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Catholic Interdiction In Europe Through George S. Patton Empty Catholic Interdiction In Europe Through George S. Patton

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Rome, General George S. Patton and the Catholic Imperium

General George S. Patton is considered to be one of the greatest military generals America
has ever produced and placed on the field of battle. If this assertion is in fact correct, what
would be the factors that made General George Patton such a formidable military leader of

Patton's Third Army sweeps across Europe. A time frame propaganda film.

The American Cemetery in Luxembourg where General S. Patton is buried with his grave
facing the graves of the American soldiers who were killed in Easy Co. As this video is viewed
pay attention to all the memorials giving confirmation of Rome re: eagle on the flag pole
flying the American flag; white marble cross grave markers; vertical and horizontal
alignment of graves; Catholic alter inside the memorial building; eagle holding the symbols
of arrows; monolith-shaped monuments.

Always Americans giving their lives in the service of their country. But can there be
reconciliation or can this be understood: the idea of giving your life for a 'country?' What
convinces a man to give his life for "his country?" How is that enforced? How deep must we
go to understand this? Is it rather that the Catholic imperium has convinced men to give
their lives for "their country?" Men are killed for something as abstract as the Catholic
through its literature, stories, legends and history all based on Rome.

General George S. Patton was said to have accepted reincarnation and that he was
reincarnated from Hannibal, the Punic Carthaginian military commander and tactician,
generally considered one of the greatest military commanders in history.

George S. Patton's family all had a long tradition in the military. George Patton attended
the Virginia Military Institution (institutionalizes the military and armed conflict) where he
became a member of the military fraternity of the Kappa Alpha Order.

    Catholic Interdiction In Europe Through George S. Patton 220px-Patton_at_VMI_1907
    George S. Patton at Virginia Military Institute

George Patton's father was instrumental in influencing his son's life and in this tradition of
military history, military fraternities and military institutions, it is almost inevitable a man like
George S. Patton would be nurtured to serve the Catholic imperium. But then if we start to
look at Europe, particularly Germany, where the population was predominantly Catholic and

Then how do we take into consideration the Nazi rat lines that were run through the Catholic
Church? This is even more incomprehensible when it is considered that George S. Patton
converted to Catholicism from Methodism.

In this speech George S. Patton gives, he receives applause for remarking about how the
Third Army he commanded laid waste to parts of Europe, a Catholic country. The people in
the audience even laugh about it.

I'm having a really big cognitive disassociation here.

George S. Patton died of injuries he received in an automobile accident four months after the
war. He was assassinated because as a military man his britches I think got a little too big for
his own good.

These old video films are use crude propaganda glamorizing the inconsistencies and gross
distortion of that history essentially controlled by the Catholic Church. In fact, I have little
admiration of George S. Patton looking back on these events now.

Look at this just one site called the American Catholic glamorizing George S. Patton's military
life and leadership. Isn't there something just insanely wrong about this? A country of men,
and women, volunteering their lives to go kill people in other countries because the political
and religious (hidden often times) make these demands and then institute laws like in the
military draft to compel young people to go fight as they did during the ten years in Vietnam?

None of these military people who are volunteering and getting conscripted have no wills of
their own, it has been stolen from them at birth. If people were completely sentient and had
wills of their own these wars (between competing oligarchical families many times who are
Catholic) would be impossible.

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