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Manitoba Legislative Building Empty Manitoba Legislative Building

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Frank Albo is a researcher and teacher from the University of Winnipeg,
in Manitoba, Canada, who is well known for his discoveries and writings
about the Manitoba Legislature. His research has led to the findings and
interpretations of numerous occult/masonic symbols and figures inside
the Manitoba Legislative Building. He is currently engaged in doctoral
research at Cambridge University.

    Manitoba Legislative Building Albo-leg
    Frank Albo

The Manitoba Legislative Building was designed in 1912 by English
architects Frank W. Simon and Henry Boddington III who won a British
Empire competition over 66 other entries. Frank Albo has some fascinating

    Manitoba Legislative Building Legislativebuilding1
    Third Manitoba Legislative Building, from 1920 to present (2011)

    "...that the building in the course of time would make people more intelligent, better balanced and altogether more civilized human beings." --Frank W. Simon

So, what went wrong? The attacks on America were extensively organized
and launched out of Canada on September 11, 2001?

    Manitoba Legislative Building Sphinx
    Sphinx detail. One of two at the Manitoba Legislature. Photo taken Feb.
    10, 2003

The Manitoba Legislature building lies at the geographical centre of the North American continent, and as architectural historian Frank Albo has painstakingly documented in his book The Hermetic Code, it contains a wealth of esoteric symbolism and occult knowledge.

    Manitoba, eh?!

      Manitoba Legislative Building Nikicy5ummmmmmmmm

    Frank Albo after six years of painstaking research is convinced the Manitoba
    Legislative building is the reconstituted King Salomon's Temple in the heart
    of the Prairie.

Frank Albo is interviewed on Corbett Report Radio as they seek to crack
the code of the remarkable legislature building in Winnipeg, Canada.


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