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Synchronicity involving Apple INC Empty Synchronicity involving Apple INC

Post  highnoon on Sat 23 Apr 2011, 17:06

I have some compelling information to share from a site I read. I'll share in point form, and because its a subcription, i hope this site never finds its way to the authors awareness because im not trying to plagurize, its not my observations. im not sharing this elsewhere

These observations share several seemingly unrelated things. but here they are. starting with.

-The Terminator universe. The movies and the TV series. starting with the TV series the sarah connor chronicles. In the TV series Skynet awakens April 19th and the judgement day is April 21st
A few days ago in the Huffington post and BBC and probably other news sites, on April 21st, Libya was being attacked by unmanned drone airplanes. the huffing post reported that day "Here come the drones" and other sites just plainly things like "Libya is attacked by unmanned drones". Same day Apple is in the news for apparently the Apple Iphone being able to track its users.

-In Terminator Salvation (movie 2009) there is a scene that is heavily influenced by Apples famous 1984 superbowl commercial

-In spinoff of battlestar gallactica TV series Caprica. Plot is about AI judgement day type thing going on involving robots called Cylons.

Apples logo

Synchronicity involving Apple INC Apple-logo1

Capricas Logo

Synchronicity involving Apple INC Caprica%20Wallpaper%20-%20Zoe_Graystone%201920x1200

-Plot of Caprica is about a High tech company being involved in a cults involvement with a judgement day type scenario, this called is called "Soldiers of the One"

Soldiers of the Ones logo is an infinite loop. this exact one

Synchronicity involving Apple INC STO-thumb-508xauto-1180

-Apples headquarters is located on

-Apple means Avalon. On wiki it states "Avalon (probably from the Welsh word afal, meaning apple; see Etymology below) is a legendary island featured in the Arthurian legend."

Prince Williams first middle name is Arthur

Prince William is getting married to Catherine Elizabeth Middleton

-The name Catherine is etymologically same as Katrina

Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans August 29th 2005. August 29th is the judgement day in Terminator 2

-Singer Katy Perry performs on American Idol a few days ago on April 21st her song ET. (Remember April 21st is the judgement day in the Terminator TV show)

Singer Katy Perry's official music video for her song ET is about how her "Lucifer" character "falls" to earth and gives life to a machine, making it come alive

Singer Katry Perry's real name is Katherine Elizabeth Hudson


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