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Post  KapitanScarlet on Fri 25 Feb 2011, 10:05

Anyone using any interesting sound systems in their residence , car or person , because there is a tremendous difference in sound quality to be achieved

I have quite a simple set up by todays possibilitys but i reckon i would have to go into 4 figures to tangibly improve on it

The classic Pioneer A400 , about 20 years old , one of the best amps ever made
2 Mission M34i floorstanding speakers , bi-wired with 4x4mm and banaplugs
And i have a state of the art sat receiver which i can play anything through into the amp, movie , sport or music .

Quality of sound is a living thing pirat

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Post  quicksilvercrescendo on Fri 25 Feb 2011, 19:50

It was when I was sixteen that CDs and digital recording began to show up in the music stores.
I had a moderate collection of vinyl and cassette tapes.
Eventually, gave these to a collector friend of mine for his library and I then made the total conversion over to digital.
It has been said that nothing can compare to the sound of analog recording and analog playback.
This was done with real-to-real in the studio, vinyl record or magnetic tape cassette for distribution, followed by playback on the player, receiver and speakers.
Analog playback devices and receivers would have had tubes in them and not digital capacitors.
Tubes, glowing where it is at and actual physical dents in the recording medium like on vinyl or magnetic cassette.
It has been said that nothing can compare to the sound of analog when it comes to getting the most subtle of nuances delivered into the human ear. Actual physical impressions in magnetic tape and vinyl impart the purity of the music. And this must be considered even though digital technology is so good.
As with homeopathic medicine where the medicine is so diluted that it does not contain one molecule of the original substance for which it is does contain the essence of its essence.
Digital perhaps can never deliver on this "energetic" level as does analog.

But I have long since abandoned analog due to the more practical considerations since the transfer from analog to digital.
When it comes to music I transferred all my old CDs into my computer using loss-less quality.
There are no mp3 compressed-typed music files in my computer...unless I just am not able to find it in CD or better quality.
I now purchase and keep all music in files on my computer.
Sometimes I will listen to internet radio or the website Spotify and their extensive free catalog. You can also subscribe to their site, but I don't believe all the recordings are CD quality or all-inclusive in their they are constantly building and updating. But they are impressive nonetheless.

Because I am usually doing projects around the house or am outside doing something in the yard or workshop, coupled with having a sleeping four year old and new baby at home, I often listen to my music or internet radio/interviews from my computer with my wireless Sennheiser 180 radio signal headphones. They have good enough sound considering they have a long range and any higher quality wireless infrared headphones have to be line of site which does not allow me the flexibility I need. They are not perfect quality, but are sufficient for what I need them for.
With kids doing there thing, sleeping, and such there is no way for me really to enjoy the sound system in the living room and enjoy it.

Then I also have my portable music player that keeps loss-less quality files for my music needs outside of the home which I just download from my home computer's library. My car has a system where I can hook this portable unit into it or a USB drive. The total interchangeability is a convenience factor.

In my living room and the way it is set up, I had to go with the most inconspicuous set-up possible and my home theater surround sound rear speakers have to be ceiling mounted with my living space layout.
So, the high-end Bose system with small speakers, in the color white, was my best option for home theater and some music listening.

But for specific music listening when circumstance permit I have a dedicated receiver made by NAD Electronics which had hybrid technology of tubes and digital electronics. I also have a dedicated CD player made by NAD electronics. I will burn compilation CDs from my computer library to be played on this player.

And two speakers made by B & W...Bowers & Wilkins.
The speakers sit on top of aluminum tubular steel speaker stands. The tubes are hollow and I have filled them with a fine grain sand to improve sound quality. Also the speakers sit upon special metal buttons at all four corners of their base as a form of suspension system on top of the stands.

I do have an LG Blu-Ray DVD player and could play CDs on that, but I find that most Blu-Ray players do not deliver the sound quality of a high-end CD player. The company OPPO has a Blu-Ray player that may be the exception when it comes to CD quality, but you are going to pay a bit for it.

My satellite receiver is a basic box with a stationary dish that my satellite company gives me for the basic package. I have this because there is no cable television where I live and an antenna will not get much. So I need this for good reception.
But if I were to upgrade this, then I would get the German made Dreambox 8000 receiver box and a motorized dish capable of moving 360 degrees to get all possible satellites. It is possible to attempt to use the Dreambox without paying a satellite company, but you have to use special internet sites to constantly download access codes instead of using a card from your company.

The beginning of the year I bought a new flat screen. Samsung and LG make good sets, but I found that I did not like the reflectivity of many glossy or semi-glossy screens. This is quite distracting to have lights or the sun reflecting so much off the screen. So I went with a matte-screen and bought a 42" Philips LCD. There were many comparisons between LCD or plasma, and most reviews still state that plasma has a slight edge over picture quality, but both have their slight disadvantages. But the Philips was $400 bucks on sale and the salesperson is a friend of mine who has one and bought two for his relatives for I went with his recommendation as well as it being my own pick. He then gave me his favorite settings and told me to shut down most of the advanced features. Most new televisions are not set to the best settings to get the most out of the picture quality and most of the new fancy features actually mess up picture quality. And fuck that 3-D one has it perfect, but Samsung did it the best to date. But I'm not interested.

The next technology to replace LCD and plasma is the OLED. And this will do away with the disadvantages found in plasma and LCD. It has been described as the best picture ever.
Over time they will get larger, probably start with the PC monitor market first and then move up to television sizes.


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Post  KapitanScarlet on Sat 26 Feb 2011, 16:26

Good write up quicksilver, these headphones are indeed very high spec, was not aware of them, but convenience and necessity apart, there is nothing to surpass air pressure punching by bass reflex and tweet modules hitting the naked ears in a confined space , but in the garden , the heads could do the business

In my past experience, there is nothing to equal the bass dynamics from sand filled floorstanders , but then again my friends inform me that top bookshelf speakers on floor stands are getting close, BW a very good make as well

A top of the range analogue system will literaly destroy a digital masterpiece to most adept ears even today but the cost of that would be high and digital definetly has the convenience factor

I was looking at valve-amps recently which im sure would improve tangibly on my A400 and your talking about 2200 pounds upwards for one of those so not worth it for me as my existing room is already maxed out with my system, ive neverkept the volume level beyond 2 for more than a short spell, i think i would blow the walls apart if i did Very Happy

The dreambox was / is a notorius sat reciever and very adaptable...
im on the leading edge of sat technologies out there , ive got a motorised system that will take in anything from 30 west hispasat to 39 degrees east Hellassat and at present can access many many channels ...... i only view free off course (;

Never bothered with 3D, who wants to wear stupid specs to watch , their supposed to be working on specless 3D but would not hold my breath

Ive currently got a non branded 26 lcd but using a HD hitachi screen, and ive never seen a better picture quality than what im currently getting for Canal+HD , much better than bbcHd and all other ones ive seen, the french canal channel is pushing out the best Hd ive seen to date, the clarity is stunning , although ive got a 98% quality picture coming in so im pulling and projecting the max

Ive also seen the japs version of HD a superhighvision or something it was called and that was also impressive

Not sure what these suspension things are maybe something new , on my floorstanders bases, there is carpet spikes for speaker cabinet rigidity , but if i had a wooden floor, there are cups available so that the spikes dont damage the floor , maybe thats whats on your floor stands ? ive never had floor stands so dont know the set up


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Post  highnoon on Sun 27 Feb 2011, 06:19

I use a 900 dollar BOSE home entertainment sound system for my computer speakers. Its an acoustimass module 2-3 years old. It really impresses a lot of people/me to this day. lots of range and clarity. it gets slightly bad reviews like 7.5/100 because it was overpriced but i got mine on boxing day for just under 600 so it was worth it.

not really an audio person outside my living space. ive never owned an mp3 player or CD player and gone around the city listening to music in my entire life. i just never liked being cut off from sounds, cant hear car horns, people talking to me trying to get my attention etc.


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Sound Systems Empty Re: Sound Systems

Post  KapitanScarlet on Thu 03 Mar 2011, 00:07

Ive heard a lot about bose systems in print , but never axctually heard one in motion, i guess they are pretty decent then

I just noticed Qsc that you "specified" that the suspension things were "between" the speaker base and stand and not on the bottom of stands as i initially went off on a track from

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Sound Systems Empty Re: Sound Systems

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