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Post  Sputnik on Fri 03 Dec 2010, 02:45

I was trying to research the inbreeders at:

And I got this on my screen:


You don't have permission to access / on this server.

It's the webpage of:

La Commission d`information et de liaison des associations de noblesse d`Europe

The inbreeders main reference webpage!

Names, dates and facts of the last 500 years - and I bet a complete list of who's'who

and 'who else as well' is a Hitler relative....

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Post  Sputnik on Fri 03 Dec 2010, 14:33

In my research I have found out that there are vast organisations in which the inbreeders, as I call them, try to preserve their own (superior) group and priviledges. Aristocracy is more than just a 'cultural network' to preserve their suposedly higher identity.

I was alsways wondering why so many (educated) people in Europe are still fascinated with the aristocracy of Europe and why they (the masters) still yield a lot of power and influence in todays societies.

'Us and Them'

Here is a interesting look into the psyche of Tyranny...

Gods and Tyrants have a lot in common. So what is it that restrains the majority of peoples on the planet if not the two (superior) castes of antiquity, an organized priesthood ensuring the rule of tyrants...

The Normal State of Man: Misery & Tyranny

"you can't spend somebody elses money unless you take it by force"..

How then are you to be taking people's money from them successfully?

By telling them it is for a good cause; that's what the elites have practiced for thousands of years..haven't they. It doesn't really matter in what construct of government one lives as long as your productiveness will be taken from you.

As of oligarchy so of tyranny, the end is wealth.

On the psychological level people immitate tyrants towards those creatures "below"

as Elias Canetti decribed as follows:

from Crowds and Power, by Elias Canetti

Attributes of the Crowd:
* the crowd always wants to grow
* within the crowd, there is equality
* the crowd loves density
* the crowd needs a direction or a common goal

DISCHARGE – the catalyst that creates the crowd
ERUPTION – the sudden transition from a closed crowd into an open crowd
PANIC – the disintegration of the crowd within the crowd

OPEN crowd – open to continuous, uninterrupted growth
CLOSED crowd – limited growth in exchange for permanence
STAGNATING crowd – lives for its discharge by deferring it
RHYTHMIC crowd – density & equality coincide, dependent on movement
SLOW crowd – long term goal, as religion
QUICK crowd – short term goal, as in war
INVISIBLE crowd – the dead, future generations, posterity
DOUBLE crowd – exists due to other crowds, as rivals, opponents

Crowds by Prevailing Emotion:
BAITING crowd – goal & density, as a killing mob or hunting pack
FLIGHT crowd – common threat, as an evacuations
PROHIBITION crowd – refuses what is expected, as a strike
REVERSAL crowd – many meek attack the few fierce, as a revolution
FEAST crowd – abundance in a small space

- discharge is as illusory as inequities
- crowds can only continue as discharge occurs with new people joining
- attacking of boundaries, as a mob, such as doors, windows, fences.
- new people are food for a crowd’s growth

“during the discharge distinctions are thrown off and all feel equal.”

“There is nothing man fears more than the touch of the unknown. He wants to see what is reaching towards him, and to be able to recognize or at least classify it.”

“…the naked, smooth, defenseless flesh of the victim.”

“All the distance which men place around themselves are dictated by this fear.”

“It is only in a crowd that man can become free of this fear of being touched. That is the only situation in which the fear changes into its opposite.”

“As soon as a man has surrendered himself to the crowd, he ceases to fear its touch. Ideally, all are equal there: no distinctions count, not even that of sex. That man pressed against him is the same as himself. He feels him as he feels himself. Suddenly, it is as though everything were happening in one and the same body.”

“The crowd, suddenly there where there was nothing before, is a mysterious and universal phenomenon.”

“the destruction of representational images is the destruction of a hierarchy which is no longer recognized.”

“[fire] can be seen from far off and it attracts ever more people. It destroys irrevocably.”

“orginially the rhythm of the feet”

“the knowledge of animals by which he was surrounded, which threatened him and which he hunted, was man’s oldest knowledge. He learnt to know animals by the rhythm of their movement. The earliest writing he learnt to read was that of their tracks: it was a kind of rhythmic notation imprinted on the soft ground and, as he read it, he connected it with the sound of its formation.”

see also Language & Feet and Cadence & Ratio

- fire ~ crowd ~ expulsion ~ hell ~ being turned over to opposing army
- burning witches, where the fire represents execution by the crowd
- similarly burying in anthills

“Today [1962] everyone takes part in public executions through the newspapers.”

“…it is the most despicable and, at the same time, most stable form of such a crowd.”

- serve to precipitate crowds
- their roles must be familiar, as with uniforms
- unity is most important

Crowd Symbols

- sameness regardless of context
- spreads, insatiable, violent, destructive, joins all it immolates
- multiple, flames “the one Agni, manifoldy ablaze”
- opposes water
- treated as though it were alive
- fire burned forests to make room for agriculture and development
- bonfires attract more and more people

- multiple (drops), moves, dense, cohesive, innumerable waves
- waves and drops are component parts
- it has a voice, like the sound of many voices: patience, pain, anger
- all-embracing
- constant, all life flows to it, it contains all life

- when imminent, rain feels as a unit, even when rain falls
- individual drops fall, with a unified direction
- rarely a serious menace, often welcomed
- rain represents the crowd at the moment of discharge

- definite direction, uninterrupted flow, absorbs others
- cannot grow indefinitely, contained by river banks
- stands for the crowd in procession in the time prior to attaining the goal
- symbol of the slow crowd

- density, particularly in its foliage
- a continuous roof, its movement uniformly upwards
- forest is a shelter
- symbol of the army, stands strong

- a diminished & subjugated forest
- grows where the forest once stood, cultivated, domesticated
- leaves move as one, bending and standing again in the wind
- represents the battlefield

- voice, whine, howl, many sounds
- has direction, as the North Wind
- invisible, yet it has direction, as visible in clouds, waves
- wind ~ breath
- stands for the invisible crowd, as spirits
- flags and banners make the wind visible

- smallness & sameness of its constituent parts
- boundless, endless, numberless
- shifts, midway between solid & fluid symbols
- threatens, as lifeless desert and sandstorms
- symbol for multiplicity of progeny

the HEAP
- collected items, as fruit, grain, the dead, heads
- denser & denser piles of similar, harvested items

- meant to endure, not increase
- idea of builders in absentia
- rhythmic exertion of many men

- inedible & imperishable collected heap
- splendour vs secrecy, as one must protect one’s valuables, as buried treasure
- represents a concentration of wealth, as land, cattle
- confidence in treasure’s persistent value

- immovable, peaks divided but roots united

- in terms of people or money, denotes a huge number
- fluctuating nature of monetary system undermines the equivalence of coins to the individual

The Pack

The pack cannot grow, although that is fundamentally part of its drive.

“The position [of every single man who joined] would be clear to all; he would really count in the economy of the group, in a way that scarcely any of us count today.”

Attributes of the Pack:
- members do not lose themselves as in huge groups
- equality & direction are of fundamental importance
- growth & density are only acted
- differs from the static tribe, sib, or clan

HUNTING pack – includes distribution of prey
WAR pack – similar to hunting pack, has an opposing pack
LAMENTING pack – come together over a lost member
INCREASE pack – comes together to become even more

“since [the pack] consists entirely of people who know each other well,
it can always form again, even if scattered by adverse circumstances.”

"women and men who run around as paranoid wolves"


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The Inbreeders Empty Re: The Inbreeders

Post  KapitanScarlet on Fri 22 Jul 2011, 07:54

Prince Andrew Resigns as Uk Trade Envoy cyclops

What were the duties of Uk Envoy = Travelling around the world in obtuse luxury at taxpayers expenses, meeting with shady and dubious characters and oh i almost forgot about the "Carnal Engagements" with beautiful young women

Last reported = to have been receiving "Daily Massages" whilst residing at the queer billionaire Epsteins home in the states

Concxxxlusion = Rupert Murdoch was virtually publically humiliated on live Uk tv earlier this week by the Uk political Committee

One Wonders if Murdochs Resources Has some additional "Trade Envoy business information" photos and reports about Andys carnal Adventures around the world that could mysteriously be leaked to a newspaper, thus he resigned before being forced too

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Post  highnoon on Fri 22 Jul 2011, 19:13

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king pig

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