The Sinkhole of Schmalkalden and the Omens of Time

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The Sinkhole of Schmalkalden and the Omens of Time Empty The Sinkhole of Schmalkalden and the Omens of Time

Post  Sputnik on Mon 08 Nov 2010, 13:39

A few days ago:

A giant crater sat in the middle of a residential area in Schmalkalden.

It happened in the same night as Luther put up his THESIS on the churchdoor, only 493 years later.

There was a Schmalkaldischen Bund (Protestant Lords) and the Schmalkaldisch war...

An Omen? Some think so....

Arab News were extremely interested in reporting about this german sinkhole...(!)

There is a heavy discussion about Islam in Germany right now....and it looks like the Lutheran Protestants are "losing ground"..

In conection to this I heard of an Egyptian Arab who wrote a very provocative book about Islam and how it will lose
"the holy battle" and that Islam will disintegrate rather by itself, if it is unable to "reform" itself, or better:
it's medieval dogmas which are not corresponding to the contemporary needs of the islamic people.

While the Pope was wearing the TEMPLAR'S CROSS again when designating the Katalun Sagrada Familia as Basilica minor.

Well, the Templars burned at the stakes as we all know, but how clever of the devil to still project a claim on their souls....

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