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Post  KapitanScarlet on Fri 11 Apr 2014, 23:53

Sputnik wrote:Sometimes I wonder about Rupert Sheldrakes morphogenetic fields..

Today My mom and I went to the lake for a walk and we talked about o lotta things,

Even POLITICS....and we did not go on each others nerves...(a miracle)

and while we talked a tiny mouse ran from the lakeshore across the trail and our feet into the grass.

We looked at it and the mouse looked at us and we enjoyed the encounter.

But my mom played a little trick on me...we passed a burned tree and she said,

"look your tree"...and I was looking and thought,...SHIT!

She knows my afinity to certain individual trees..but when we walked on we passed MY tree...

then I knew she played me and I just stared at the wrong tree (in horror)

She needs to show me from time to time that she is still one step ahead of me.

I swear she is worse than me.

Thats a good one sputnik  Exclamation 

Where art thou bobdog  Sad  just read some of your thoughts , missing your angle now  Idea 

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