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Post  quicksilvercrescendo on Thu 27 May 2010, 13:01

Compassionate consumers can end their direct financial support of farmed animal abuse by rejecting dairy, and other animal products, and adopting a vegan diet.
In the context of viewing this video, I still cannot agree that this is the answer to the problem presented.
The problem is not the consumption of animal foods in the natural diet of man, but the behavior of these individuals put in a place of responsibility for animals raised for food production.
Becoming a vegan or boycotting animal foods has nothing to do with hiring responsible and mentally healthy individuals along with strict enforcement procedures.
And promoting veganism as the solution instills a biased message not related to the issue of the animal abuse.

"The Druids did not permit themselves the luxury of cutting a single living thing with a sharpened edge.". -tsarion
And with mountains of forum pages discussing meat eating and vegetarianism not one source as to where this comment may have come from. As a matter of fact, a lot of avoidance and dodging on this whole subject by Tsarion.

And I disagree with Shelley by stating that the physical body including teeth and its internal anatomy indicate a vegetarian diet. This is false.
And humans are omnivores not herbivores. The comparison of the human structure to herbivores will indicate this.
The teeth and digestive system of the human indicate that animal foods are quite apropos.
Some necessary nutrients can only be provided by animal sources.
All of the primitive peoples and those in touch with the earth knew this and practiced it. We would not be here today without it.

There is not one appropriate diet for mankind, which thus disqualifies vegetarianism. There is far too much diversity in humans, local climates, local eco-systems and availability of food sources to claim a vegetarian diet is the way for man to eat. This is why man is appropriately...an omnivore.

But I will add that dairy is much more apropos to man's design that eating animal flesh. As is eating fish and non-carnivorous birds. The larger the animal becomes, the less one should perhaps eat of it. Unless survival dictates a wise method of its consumption.

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Post  KapitanScarlet on Fri 28 May 2010, 08:16

I came out of a small shipping centre the other day, to find that a big lorry had reversed up against where my vehicle was parked , as i walked towards my vehicle, i noticed that the lorry rear doors were open and would you beleive it... there was a big fat pig lying sleeping on its side at the back

But then a fat sweaty driver arrives and rolls this big sleeping pig onto his shoulder, and as he does so, i see that the pig is not slee[ping, but is actually in "sandwich form" ie it is sliced up the centre of its stomach, as he lifts it up, the stomach sepaates an he struggles along a busy street to the butchers shop, with this pig over his shoulder and its guts hanging open showing the insides

Id never seen the deliverys before

An i was thinking that if man has deemed it fine to farm and butcher animals in this way, then he also gives licence for he himself to be open to such treatment

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