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Johnny Liberty - Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship

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Post  KapitanScarlet on Mon 09 Aug 2010, 14:20

Its like blanket weed , you think u identified and pulled up all the roots and as soon as you turn your back, you see much more, and then you realise that it seems to be everywhere instead of just somewhere without an exact centre

From that livery company link above, some very odd bedmates there, from the "Worshipful Company of World Traders" website , their code of operation completly sublimated to the monarch as expected


Livery Companies are vigorous, self-contained societies of professional and business people, bound together by traditional customs which have been handed down for generations, including a strong commitment to charitable and educational causes. This is all carried out under the direction of the Master assisted by the Wardens and Court of Assistants. With allegiance to the Sovereign and a vow of obedience to the Lord Mayor to maintain the franchises and customs of the City of London the membership also plays an integral function in the workings of local government in the City with liverymen taking part in the annual election of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs.

Granted Livery status in January 2000, the Worshipful Company of World Traders is proud to follow in this fine tradition. We have over 250 members and a charitable trust which has set up annual prizes to encourage young world traders. In this regard strong links have already been established with a number of schools, universities and institutes with the grant of prizes and scholarships.

23rd November 1974 General Assembly of the World Trade Centers Association held at London Guildhall. Alderman Richard Charvet suggests creation of the Guild of World Traders in London.

26th November 1979 Lord Mayor Alderman Sir Peter Gadsden lays foundation stone of International House (part of the then London World Trade Centre complex) and reiterates the suggestion of the creation of the Guild of World Traders.

24th October 1985 First meeting of the Guild of World Traders in London

15th June 1993 Grant by Court of Alderman to become The Company of World Traders

9th November 1999 Petition to become The Worshipful Company of World Traders agreed by the Court of Aldermen, with effect from 1st January 2000

25th January 2000 Company receives its Letters Patent in a ceremony at Mansion House, from the Lord Mayor, Alderman Clive Martin.

Over the centuries the self-regulating craft guilds of the City of London developed high standards of manufacture and service. Most were rewarded with a grant of livery. The founding of the World Traders Association movement gave rise to the creation of trading complexes in over 160 cities throughout the world. London was the first in Europe, built in St Katharine's Dock beside the Tower of London. [Though this subsequently closed in 1994.] Over 1,000 years earlier the same land was used by the Knighten Guild to trade in foreign goods, and in 1979 the then Lord Mayor, Sir Peter Gadsden, suggested that this tradition be revived by the creation of the Guild of World Traders to represent members of the international trading community in the City of London.

The founding Master was Mr Peter Drew OBE. From the outset the World Traders' were determined to be a working Guild, only accepting members from the international trade fraternity, with the aim of raising awareness and understanding of, and standards of practice in, world trade.

The motto 'commerce and honest friendship with all' was chosen, taken from Thomas Jefferson's inaugural Presidential speech. The Arms of the Company were designed by the late Sir Colin Cole, the then Garter King of Arms.

On June 5th, 1993, the Mayor and Aldermen of the Corporation of London agreed the petition of the Guild to be constituted a Company of the City of London without grant of livery with the new name 'Company of World Traders'. On 9th November 1999, the Company's petition for the grant of livery status was granted by the Court of Aldermen, to take effect from 1st January 2000.

The Master's Badge of Office depicts the Company's coat of arms mounted on a piece of rock crystal, donated by the World Trade Centre of Rio de Janeiro, carved with an outline of five continents.

History of Livery
The 108 livery companies are nominally trade associations based in the City of London, almost all of which are known as the "Worshipful Company of" the relevant trade or profession. The medieval livery companies originally developed as guilds and were responsible for the regulation of their trades, controlling, for instance, wages and labour conditions. Until the Reformation they were closely associated with religious activities, notably in support of chantry chapels and churches and the observance of ceremonies, notably the mystery plays. Some livery companies continue to have a regulatory role today (for example, the Scriveners), and some have become inoperative except as charitable foundations (for example, the Longbow Makers). Most livery companies, particularly those formed in recent years, are primarily social and charitable organizations. The active livery companies play an important part in social life and networking in the City of London, and have a long history of cultural patronage, and control of the City Corporation (which still functions as a Local Authority with extensive local government powers).

This wiki link gives the LIvery Companies order of precedance and modern ones

And the The Company of Merchant Adventurers of the City of York still take a keen interest in putting on the mystery plays

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Johnny Liberty - Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship - Page 2 Empty Re: Johnny Liberty - Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship

Post  tgII on Mon 09 Aug 2010, 14:59

You're catching on, and if you keep going you will discover
these Livery Companies pulled off 9/11; and an entire litany
of assassinations, terrorist acts and 'disasters' over the centuries
to hold their grip on monopolies and world trade.

And if you get really close, you will begin to smell pure 'evil.'

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Post  quicksilvercrescendo on Mon 09 Aug 2010, 16:07

I had met a Portuguese Jew who owned an international shipping company with huge ships. In the guy's living room he had large book pedestals and on them very old books. One located in the living room had a very old book. I flipped through it once and it had pictures of the Kabalah and other mystical concepts. He looked at me and said this is where the real power is...we then later had a conversation about jinn. This guy gave me the impression that his status and power could accomplish a lot in life...even if that meant...contracting out a kill.

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Johnny Liberty - Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship - Page 2 Empty Re: Johnny Liberty - Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship

Post  KapitanScarlet on Mon 09 Aug 2010, 21:18

Yeah there will be "Mechanics " studded around the globe believing their doing a great job as played by Bronson in the superb Mechanic
What about Soke Takayuki Kubota pasting this dude Q , compare well with your health post or down a couple of levels


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Johnny Liberty - Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship - Page 2 Empty Re: Johnny Liberty - Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship

Post  tgII on Tue 10 Aug 2010, 04:13

I really like these personal anecdotes, Qsc; they are critical
and should be observed a lot more, I think.

    I had met a Portuguese Jew who owned an international shipping company with huge ships. In the guy's living room he had large book pedestals and on them very old books. One located in the living room had a very old book. I flipped through it once and it had pictures of the Kabalah and other mystical concepts. [numerology] He looked at me and said this is where the real power is...we then later had a conversation about jinn. This guy gave me the impression that his status and power could accomplish a lot in life...even if that meant...contracting out a kill.

Three related and important Livery Companies of particular interest
related to your anecdote:

It should be noted these Livery Companies located within the
City of London are all headed by freemasons and at the core
of freemasonry is the Qabalah.

A note about your reference to the 'Kabalah', Qsc:

Crowley lifted his writings from the Qabalah; that there is no
doubt, at least in my mind.

  • The A∴A∴ (Latin: Argentium Astrum[1] or Greek: Άστρον Αργόν[2] (transliteration: Astron Argon), both literally, silver star; alternatively, Latin: Arcanum Arcanorum[3] (English: secret of secrets); or Aramaic: אריך אנפין, (transliteration: Arikh Anpin), vast countenance (meaning Kether); or English: Angel and Abyss) is a magical order that Aleister Crowley created in 1907 after leaving the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. It is a Thelemic magical fraternity, the goals of which are the pursuit of light and knowledge. Its motto is: "The method of science, the aim of religion."[7] The holy book of the order is Liber AL vel Legis (in English, The Book of the Law). While the A∴A∴ is not part of Ordo Templi Orientis, O.T.O. does consider the A∴A∴ to be a close ally.

9/11 was a numerically structured event: There are direct
numerical lines of 9/11 traced back to Aleister Crowley.

In Crowley’s system, the numbers 11, 77, 93 and 175 [Flt 11;
Flt 77; Flt 93; Flt 175]
are all ‘Crowley numbers.’ 11 was his
number of pestilence and was a number Crowley used frequently
in all of his rituals.

9 and 3 were the two numbers for Thelema and love, which in Greek
is Agape. So those both equate to 93 in the gematria (the
system of assigning numerical value to a word or phrase). That’s
also in Hebrew the number of his chief spirit, Aiwass, and that equates
to 93. And that’s who he received the Book of Law from.

The number 77 is an important number for Crowley as well. That
number is the centenary which he called the ‘central number’; it’s
also the numbers of the devil in Szandor Levy’s Satanic Bible so,
you’ll see that number referenced there. Crowley said 77 is a
mystical number and also equates to the name ‘OZ’, so that kind
of puts this on Frank L. Baum territory, the theosophist and author
of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

In Crowley’s system, 175 was a [he systemized all of his writings
into the A∴A∴; he gave each book a number] ritual where you
bind yourself to a deity and you can imagine what deity people are
binding themselves to with 175? So, the numerical codes are there
and a lot of people don’t know that in the 9/11 research com-

In one of Crowley's writings, he described what he did to a local
cat that he 'murdered' when he was around thirteen or fourteen
years of age:

    I had been told "A cat has nine lives." I deduced that it must be practically impossible to kill a cat. As usual, I became full of ambition to perform the feat. (Observe that I took my information unquestioningly au pied de la lettre.) Perhaps through some analogy with the story of Hercules and the hydra, I got it into my head that the nine lives of the cat must be taken more or less simultaneously. I therefore caught a cat, and having administered a large dose of arsenic I chloroformed it, hanged it above the gas jet, stabbed it, cut its throat, smashed its skull and, when it had been pretty thoroughly burnt, drowned it and threw it out of the window that the fall might remove the ninth life. In fact, the operation was successful; I had killed the cat. I remember that all the time I was genuinely sorry for the animal; I simply forced myself to carry out the experiment in the interest of pure science.

I have departed company with MTSAR's view on Crowley; Crowley
was an arrogant aristocratic fascist fucking pig who had nothing but
contempt and hatred of humanity. Perhaps this is what it took
though to shock man out of his conundrums about his ignorant
existence, but was it worth it?

It can't help but to be observed: this is exactly what Europeans
fled Europe from; the occult aristocratic scum and all this bloodline shit
and royalty. "And the Slaves Shall Serve." The man who wrote this book
is an O.T.O. member, and the title of his book is Crowley's quote.

Personally, I think Crowley tampered with something even he
couldn't put back in the bottle and we are receiving fucking hell for


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Post  KapitanScarlet on Tue 10 Aug 2010, 11:49

Regarding Numerology and its supposed interconnections , when applying logical analysis to that avenue of interpretations of any events , one comes to the conclusion that no "human" person could have possibly consciously arranged these so called numeralogical interconnections pre-event

Although it is conceivable that certain dates can be chosen and certain other connections could be human choices, other co-relations beggar belief that they were arranged by pre-event human consciousness

And so the only conclusion that is left to take, is that the so called numeralogical connections are made to fit post-event
Or that something much more sinister or sometimes even divine is taking place on the planet earth reality realm , and this something has a language which is "numbers" and every event that is weaved, is decodeable through a complex interpretation of number analysis , something that is on another level to advanced statistics (which deals only with the comparison of whats been to what may come) this otherworldly numeralogical system may tie in to the manipulation of earth energys themselves whatever that may be to each perceiver of such

And people who learn this language can begin to read the signs and even exert invisible influences on earthly events for good or for bad intentions

Johnny Liberty - Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship - Page 2 51vEAke5w1L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_

'The Eye in the Triangle', a biography written by apprentice Israel Regardie, mentioning Crowley's fascination with mystery novels. I am not a big fan of mystery novels, but I decided to take one up (Robert B. Parker's Godwulf Manuscript for the curious), and it struck me at that point that it seemed to make sense that Crowley enjoyed these kinds of books as they are so evident in his own writing. This is the point of view in which I decided to understand Crowley - that is, to understand his work as a mystery waiting to be solved. You are the detective and you must put the pieces together. All the information is in front of you, but you must understand, interpret, infer, and join various bits of information to gain the whole picture. 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings is just that - a string of puzzle pieces that are shaken up in the box, and its up to you to put the work into it to make the connection. Crowley is not one for spoonfeeding information and this book certainly demonstrates this by having to understand numbers, symbolically and mathematically - how they relate to the Hebrew and Greek alephbet, tree of life, Chinese and Indian philosophy, and the universe: micro and macrocosm, and of course algebraic and trigonomic formulations. With this information that is put into a uniform system of systems. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when studying (vs. reading), is that every sentence counts. Each line, number, column, diagonal, and row all have a correspondence to each other to make a relationship that, as the Gestalts would say, is "greater than the sum of its parts." While this work is not for the beginner, and difficult for any novice, it is certainly a must for anyone who wants to dig a little deeper than love potions and money spells. If you can master the work in this book to the point where it is second nature, then Crowley's other works will illuminate itself freely to the trained mind. Crowley's writing is for those who want to "do the work" and not for the lazy person's guide to enlightenment. 777 stands as Crowley's testimony to his mastery over the subject as well as his versatility with understanding the nature of language and how it can be expressed; i.e. compressed information

Properties of the number 777

This number joins together the principles of the man, 700, the cosmic plans, 70, and their image in the Archetype, 7, according to R. Allendy. It is the universal organization, 7 + 7 + 7 = 21, the general evolution.

Represent the celestial perfection, 7, on the 3 plans of the manifestation: matter, astral (mental or soul) and spirit.

It is the number of the sacred work of the sons of God for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on the Earth, mainly for the period of the seventh millennium after Adam where it is written that Satan will be chained for thousand years.

In esotericism, 777 means that virgin spirits (those to which God gave the life with the mission to rise towards the Creator, until to absorb themselves again in Him) will know 777 incarnations during seven revolutions that the wave of life accomplishes around the seven globes of the seven world periods. The symbolism of this number is therefore the ascension of the soul through the physical body.

According to the tradition of Himalayan masters, 777 is the number of the celestial man and symbolizes the transmutation which takes place at the time where the man becomes conscious of the necessity to cover the path of initiation, and that he perceives, even of an elementary manner, that the goal is in God.

The purity - does not father and is not fathered.

Age of Lamech, father of Noah, when he died. In the posterity of Seth, Lamech is the last patriarch before the flood. (Gn 5,31)

The book of the Genesis contains 777+777-21 or 1553 verses.

It is question, in the secret doctrine of H.-P. Blavatsky, to solve "the problem of the 777 incarnations". If seven is the number of cycles and of the divine numbers, in it resides also the secret of the 777 incarnations of the man that should be taken care to not interpret as being the totality of incarnations of the man on earth, but that it should rather be reported to what the humanity must one day realize.

In a study on this number, H.-S. Green sees there the triple evolution of Manas, Buddhi and Atma - "The number 777", in "The Theosophist", London, n. 9, 1909, p. 326.

Raoul Auclair points out that when the Virgin Mary appears in Cova da Iria in Portugal, on August 13, 1385, this country was then 777 years old. And 532 years later, that is to say on May 13, 1917, took place the first appearance of Fatima.

In an Ethiopian apocryphal book, named "The Wisdom of Sibyl", it is written in conclusion of the book: "End the prophecy of the Sibyl. Praise to the Lord, Master of the world. Amen! That the Lord, eternally, makes you mercy. The Sibyl saw nine suns; each space of time is 778 years; the ninth is 777. The cycles of the Sibyl are 800 or 700; each is 800 years. There are 49 cycles of Ezra; each one counts 143 years. The cycles of Enoch are 10 and each cycle is 700 years. The Days of the Lord are 7; for us there are 2548000 days." By making the calculation, this cycle of the nine suns lasts 7001 years:
8 cycles of 778 years = 6224 years
1 cycle of 777 years = 777 years
Total = 7001 years

And the 2548000 days of the Sibyl have a duration of 7000 years minus 7000 days.

The document "the celestial sanctum" in the order the Rosicrucian A.M.O.R.C., titles also the "liber 777".

In Korea, in one of the speeches of the reverend Moon, this one declared to have already proceeded to the blessing of 777 couples.

The Christ said: "I am the resurrection". In Greek, resurrection is written "h anastasiV", numbering 777 = 8+1+50+1+200+300+1+200+10+6.

In the first verse of the Bible, it is written: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Gn 1,1) This verse consists of 7 Hebrew words and 28 letters, and it also counts three names: God, heavens and earth. The sum of the numerical values of each one gives 777: God = 86, paradise = 395 and earth = 296, where 86+395+296 = 777.

Written in Hebrew, "Orthodox Messiah", gives 777: he, mem, shin, yod, heth, daleth, taw and yod, giving 5+40+300+10+8+4+400+10 = 777.

Written in Hebrew, "YHWH in the YESHUA Messiah", gives 777: yod, he, waw, he, beth, yod, shin, waw, ayin, he, mem, shin, yod and heth, giving 10+5+6+5+2+10+300+6+70+5+40+300+10+8 = 777.

Written in Hebrew, "YESHUA saves", gives 777: yod, shin, waw, ayin, he, waw, shin, yod and ayin, giving 10+300+6+70+5+6+300+10+70 = 777.

By using the ASCII table, we find that the French word "EXORCISTES" (exorcists) gives 777.

The numerical value of the Hebrew word NMLA IVMM, meaning "filled with light", gives 777.

The number 777 is used 1 time in the Bible.

The word priest is used 777 times in the Bible.


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Post  seraphim on Wed 11 Aug 2010, 03:54

My goodness what happened tgII?!
In 1941, Aleister Crowley wrote to Karl Germer: "There is a vile threat to the ‘rugged American individualism’ that actually created the U.S.A by the bureaucratic crowd who want society to be a convict prison. . . .The danger is very real, very imminent, very difficult to bring home to the average citizen, who sees o­nly the immediate gain, and is hoodwinked as to the price that must be paid for it."

What does that quote mean to you?!!

It draws essential parallels between the founding documents of the United States of America, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and the rights they were drafted to enshrine, and the spirit of Liber Oz, a more concise but no less thorough recitation of those same rights, inherent in each and every man and woman. Juxtaposition of these “Charters of Liberty” with the analogous yet antithetical U.N. “Declaration of Human Rights,” reveals the undeniable antipathy between the God-given, inalienable nature of the rights recognized (though not created) by both our nation’s Founding Fathers and Aleister Crowley, and the transitory, revocable-at-will, “rights” (actually privileges) of food, education, and medicine (as well as freedom from nasty things like hate and war) fabricated by the latter documents.
He seemed to have been filled with anger, which drove him to push every limit he felt was imposed upon him by anyone else. This isn’t evil. This is a failure of society. Resulting in him hating people and why he did those things most likely. (and why he was cruel to animals, but later seemed to take that back and had a dog he doted on) Even if he worked for the elite in charge there is no use focusing attention on him, while the masterminds behind him get away.
Yes, it's a very sad thing if he did waste his talents for the elite and fuck things up. Still his work which is not his in the first place, is very informative and seems to free others and for sure can enslave others, so I will take that in and still read it.

So are you really not even going to pay attention to his work anymore! It's the work of the universe in the wrong hands.

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Johnny Liberty - Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship - Page 2 Empty Re: Johnny Liberty - Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship

Post  seraphim on Wed 11 Aug 2010, 03:56

Is it a fact or a smear campaign?

As The Montauk Project was published, further research and events continued that would indeed establish that there was a real scenario behind the wild information Preston was talking about. These were chronicled in our second book, Montauk Revisted: Adventures in Synchronicity, but the most spectacular of all these corroborations was the discovery that the Montauk Project was inextricably linked to the most infamous occultist of all time: Aleister Crowley, often described as "the wickedest man in the world." According to reports, Crowley himself had used the practice of sexual magick in order to manipulate time itself, communicate with disembodied entities and to travel interdimensionally. It was even suggested that the Philadelphia Experiment itself could have been the outward expression of Crowley’s secret magical operations.

The startling proof of Crowley’s association developed over a long period of time, but the discovery began to take shape in my very first conversation with Preston when he seemed to blurt out of the blue that he was connected to the magician Aleister Crowley. In an earlier life, he believed that both himself and Duncan had been Preston and Marcus Wilson, respectively. These brothers were twins and had been the first manufacturers of scientific instruments in Great Britain. In addition to being friends of Aleister Crowley’s family, they had also been involved in a joint business enterprise with them.

All of the above sounded like one more wild story, so I began to look for any references to the Wilsons in Aleister Crowley’s various books. None turned up. To my surprise thought, I discovered that not only had Crowley visited Montauk (in 1918) but he had mentioned a "Duncan Cameron" in his autobiography. Subsequent to this, numerous instances of synchronocity between the Cameron and Crowley families were discovered, (these are detailed in Montauk Revisited), but I still could not find any references to the Wilson brothers.

The meaning of these various synchronicities (between the Cameron name and Crowley) began to be explained when I found out about a woman who called herself "Cameron." She is perhaps most famous for having been married to Jack Parsons, the world’s first solid fuel rocket scientist and a disciple of Crowley. Together, they had participated in an interdimensional activity known as the Babalon Working (a ceremonial act which included sex magick and has been hailed by some as the greatest magical act of the century).

Through a further series of incredible synchronicities, I flew to Southern California on other business and met one of Cameron’s friends quite by "accident." Soon discovering that she lived in West Hollywood, I suddenly found myself telling her in person about the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project, and the Crowley/Cameron relationship. To my surprise, she informed me that her real name wasn’t Cameron at all. It was Wilson!

It now became obvious that Preston’s story about being a Wilson could not be discounted nor could his general credibility be denied. Perhaps more importantly, it revealed that some very strange correspondences were at work that had to do with interdimensionality.

I would receive an astonishing letter several months later that would close the case as regards whether or not the Wilson brothers had existed. It was from a man named Amado Crowley who claimed to be an illegitimate son of Aleister Crowley. Not only did he remember his father talking about the Wilson brothers, but he also provided clues which revealed that the odds of his lying about his parentage were nil.

Amado not only verified the existence of the Wilson brothers, he gave a spectacular account of his father’s whereabouts on August 12, 1943 (the day of the Philadelphia Experiment). Aleister had directed a magical ceremony at Men-an-Tol in Cornwall, England where a large donut style rock lays upright in the water. According to Amado, Aleister put him through the hole in the rock whereupon a line of rough water ran from the coast of England to Long Island, New York. In ancient times, a stone like Men-an-Tol was utilized in a ritual such as this in order to invoke the goddess. Obviously, a major occult correspondence was at work.

As Montauk Revisited went to press, another astonishing discovery was made. A photograph from the turn of the century turned up and revealed that ancient pyramids had once existed at Montauk Point. Further investigation revealed that Camp Hero, the name of the base where the Montauk Project took place, was located on sacred native American ground that rightfully belonged to the Montauks or Montaukets, the ancient ruling tribe of Long Island. Unfortunately for the Montauks, a New York State court had declared their tribe legally extinct in what some legal experts call the most flagrant case of injustice in the history of Native American relations. In a further instance of synchronicity, it was revealed that the family name of the Montauks’ royal family is Pharoah.

The above information was included in the third book of the series, Pyramids of Montauk. Further connections were made evident between the Pharoahs of Montauk and the Pharaohs of Egypt. A deeper examination of Aleister Crowley’s writings and the science of sacred geometry revealed Montauk Point to be an ancient grid point rivaling Stonehenge, the pyramids of Giza or the like. It was through Montauk that the project operators sought to control the evolutionary "computer program" of planet Earth in an attempt to influence how people and other life forms think, feel and develop. This "computer system" of evolution is identified as the morphogenetic grid, an ever changing and adapting program of birth, growth, death and consequent recycling of the life force. It is this grid of evolution that certain mystery traditions seek to control. Many factions vie for the lead role in this quest to dominate. Evidence of clandestine operations at Montauk has since been demonstrated beyond that shadow of a doubt. Not only has there been testimony from personnel who participated in the project, but strange and sometimes illegal radio transmissions have been proven to emanate from Montauk Point. The local media on Long Island refuses to investigate the matter.

The release of Pyramids of Montauk brought forth world wide recognition of the plight of the Montauks. It was hoped by myself that public outrage would start the wheels in motion so that Montauk Point would be restored to its rightful owners. While some progress has been made, there is an unfortunate situation within the tribe itself. There are two rival factions which do not agree with each other and at this writing, there is not a unified front. This has hampered the legality of the Montauks applying for legal recognition because the government is not going to recognize both parties. This is a very complicated scenario which I cannot become personally involved in as it is a tribal matter. The entire scene is further aggravated by political scandals and upheavals in Suffolk County and East Hampton, the county and town in which Montauk is located.

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Post  seraphim on Wed 11 Aug 2010, 04:17

The above scenario betrays an entire breakdown in the power politics of the United States. It used to be, more or less, one united front that stood against Russia or the perceived enemy of the day. Today, we have unmarked black helicopters, U.N. peace keeping forces and upstart militias that threaten the sovereignty of the central government as we have previously known it. Many factions within the military, intelligence and political communities are all vying for dominance. There are forces in American politics who want the Constitution to be trashed. The military, who derive their legally appointed power from the Constitution, do not want to be dismantled and replaced by a United Nations peace keeping militia. The subject becomes rather complex and could warrant a book in its own right.

The point here, and as was made in The Montauk Project, is that powers behind the operation at Montauk were not operating within the legal laws of the United States or the martial laws of the military. They are a rogue group who infiltrate and use whatever institution or group they can get their hands on. In order to understand this group and the source of its power, we need to undercut the obvious, for if we stand up and rail against it, it can surely destroy us.

It is with this thought in mind that we began a new book and quest to understand the true power which not only influences the Montauk scenario but reaches into our everyday lives. While it is a power which can give rise to the Nazis and choose a leader like Hitler, it is also a power which can carve out a paradise like Yosemite Valley or the Hawaiian Islands and make a room full of people stand up and sing America the Beautiful. It is a power which is ever changing and evolving. It creates the sun, wind, moon and stars. In ancient times, it was identified as the Black Sun. My personal understanding of it began through investigating the Nazis and their mysterious presence at Montauk Point.

Back to the thread topic. I'll have to watch the videos soon thanks. Anytime that a person wants to be independent, they are targeted. For example, you know what happens to farmers. The way of the world is to have people in groups, to blanket the mass consciousness so they all will do the same thing. So how to break free? I think one has to go in little steps to overcome that system because one does not want to get it upset. And that means not starting out as an individual but knowing in the end that is the goal once accomplished.

Which means one has to start in a group that is established and has maybe one or two right already in rule place. The only groups in the U.S. would be the Native Americans and the Amish. Russell Means tribe is doing a little good, but what they have to do is somehow create a system like they used to have based on trade, not this evil force behind money. And then open that up to everyone in the U.S. who wants to participate. But that would take a lot of work and time, and also people are so comfortable in their materialism, that they won't change for nothing. Won't learn a trade, won't use their mind or gifts, just work for da man on extremely meaningless work.

Maybe folks know unconsciously that they would be punished for that sooner or later and out of fear would rather be a slave to the system.
There is something in me that wants to be free, and the system in place now really does freak me out. Completely useless. Tomorrow they can pull the plug and I and others will be suffering for it. They have done it before, but it could be worse. People thing everything is okay and my god it's not and hasn't been for a long time. I can't live in that state of mind and being scared. I don't see how people can be so mind controlled and repress it.
Damn I'm going to have to get rid of my animal mind.

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