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Excerpt from goro adachi's End game part 4, fascinating Empty Excerpt from goro adachi's End game part 4, fascinating

Post  highnoon on Tue 12 Jan 2010, 04:16


Occurring at the same time as the Project Prometheus revelation was the ill-fated mission of the shuttle Columbia. As we all know, it fell apart just as it reentered the earth's atmosphere on February 1, killing everyone onboard.

The disaster had an ominous symbolic implication, as the name 'Columbia' can be traced back to 'Columba', Noah's Dove. As the dove is a universal symbol of peace, Columbia's deadly descent was expressive of peace falling apart.

This becomes quite serious when added that the world-changing events of 9/11 were preceded by the fiery descent of the Russian space station Mir in March. 'Mir' means 'peace', as well as 'world'. The decommissioning of Mir thus symbolically signaled the 'end of world peace' - which was of course dramatically actualized later in the same year.

While Mir was 'world peace', Columbia would stand for 'American peace', after all Columbia is another name for the United States. Hence the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia may have signaled the coming destruction of America.

Seeing the events of Columbia and Project Prometheus simultaneously taking place, we now find it quite plausible that the portended end of 'American peace' is to have a connection to the 'December/stargate/false gifts warning' motif.

The Iraq war soon followed to support this view.

First of all, Iraq/Babylon is the 'stargate land' as discussed. And the one-sided war ('Operation Iraqi Freedom') began on March 20 (local time) to coincide with the spring equinox. The timing resonated nicely with the underlying pattern - as can be demonstrated from the fact that I was able to single out March 20 as a 'war day' just a few days earlier. Here is what I wrote on March 18 in the update section of my website:

The Great Sphinx at Giza is a representation of Mars (as can be inferred from the tradition of ancient Egypt) as well as Horus who in turn personifies the rising sun. And because the Sphinx faces due east, it becomes perfectly aligned with its celestial counterpart - the rising sun - on the equinoxes, when the sun rises due east. As per the Sphinx-Mars equation, then, the equinoxes are also to be considered important Mars days.

March 20, '03, the spring equinox in the month of Mars [i.e. March], is therefore [...] a fitting date to be incorporated into the US war on terrorism [...]; indeed, as Mars is traditionally the planet/god of war, March 20 is in effect a 'war day'.

So the Bush administration saying "we're going to Mars" (by initiating Project Prometheus) was also in effect the US saying "we're going to war," which it did.

What is worrisome here is the involvement of nuclear technology: Project Prometheus' goal of developing a nuclear propulsion system seems to imply that the US military aggression in the Middle East may lead to some kind of nuclear event - pretty much everyone's nightmare scenario.

And we cannot ignore the recurrence of the Mars-Iraq overlap here. Obviously, we're a getting a very strong signal that Iraq somehow represents the 'land of Mars'.

Death of Time

The Great Sphinx is interchangeable with Mars in ancient Egyptian tradition (both closely associated with Horus) - reinforced by Giza being attached to the Egyptian capital city named 'Cairo', which denotes 'Mars'. This also makes the Sphinx analogous to Iraq.

The association is strongly supported by the eternal gaze of the Sphinx, fixed upon the distant horizon due east, as it is perfectly aligned with the mouth of the Tigris-Euphrates river, the lifeblood of Iraq (Mesopotamia)! To put it another way, Giza along with its monuments is on the same latitude as the Mesopotamian river system's end point - exactly at 30°N.

In my book, The Time Rivers (2003), the same 30°N. latitude is identified as the geodetically expressed threshold of reality. It is the line separating this world and the 'Otherworld' of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead.

In the Time River theory, Giza/Cairo at 30°N. is also viewed as the northern 'edge' of the Nile River which in turn is revealed as a literal 'river of time'.

I'm sure this sounds strange to many, but this 'river of time' idea can be easily inferred from Osiris - the personification of the Nile - being a 'god of time'. (For example, it is written in the Egyptian Book of the Dead: 'I am Time and Osiris'.)

The latitudinal length of the Nile being 30 degrees is another clue, as '30' is a key number for chronometry. The path of the sun (ecliptic) is traditionally divided into twelve 30-degree sections (Pisces, Aries, etc.); one month is ~30-days long; and Saturn, the planet of time, has an orbital period of ~30 years.

More compelling is the following remark by Plutarch, a renowned Greek writer and biographer from around AD 100. He had considerable contact with the Egyptian priesthood, and here he almost openly acknowledges that the Nile and time (= Cronus/Saturn) are interchangeable:

There is also a religious lament sung over Cronus [= Saturn = time]. The lament is for him that is born in the regions of the left, and suffers dissolution in the regions on the right; for the Egyptians believe that the eastern regions are the face of the world, the northern the right, and the southern to the left. The Nile, therefore, which runs from the south and is swallowed up by the sea in the north, is naturally said to have its birth on the left and its dissolution on the right.[5]

Plutarch is saying that both Cronus (or 'time') and the Nile are born in the south and die in the north, as if to tell us that the Nile is time... a real 'river of time'. (Indeed, in The Time Rivers is revealed an amazing 'timeline' encoded in the design of the Nile.)

This would mean that the Nile's northern 'edge' marked by Giza/30°N represents the place of dissolution where time - or Osiris/Saturn - 'dies'. It is striking therefore that at Giza are found the world's biggest tombs - the three great pyramids!

Moreover, as per Robert Bauval's 'Orion Correlation Theory', the Giza pyramids are now widely thought to represent the three Belt Star of Orion, the constellation identified with Osiris! Indeed, Giza (as 'Rostau') is said to signify 'the kingdom of Osiris in the Tomb'.[6]

eg4-oct-compared.jpg (15285 bytes)

eg4-oct-diagram.gif (15775 bytes)



Through the mutual connection with 30N°/Giza, we can now infer that Orion-Osiris and Mars are intimately linked as well. While I'm not ready to delve into this too much yet, there is shocking confirmation of this on the planet Mars itself. As discussed in The Adachi Report [currently unavailable] written last year, the Red Planet apparently has its own Orion Belt Stars reproduce on its surface!

It is called the Tharsis Montes - three gigantic volcanoes arranged just like Orion and the Giza pyramids. It's certainly fitting that the term 'pyramid' can denote 'fiery' (via the probable root word pyrinos). Mars, after all, is a 'fire planet' and volcanoes are obviously 'fiery mountains'. This also correlates well with Prometheus' gift to mankind - fire.

The Tharsis Montes are so big and distinctive that you might wonder why you hadn't noticed them before. And the answer here is quite simple: most Mars pictures shown to the general public usually avoid the side bearing the Tharsis Montes - perhaps because it doesn't take much to pick up on their potential link to Orion and Giza. The dramatic implication, after all, could lead to the destabilization of reality as we know it... for obvious reasons.


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Post  highnoon on Tue 12 Jan 2010, 05:19

...continued from page 1

House of God

At the heart of the 'Time River scheme' is the 'Great Bend' of the Nile. It is intimately associated with the 'gifts', the flood, and Eden. Egyptologists have long thought the 'Winding Waterway' mentioned often in ancient Egyptian texts was a reference to the Nile and/or the Milky Way, but it is actually more applicable to this Great Bend in particular where the generally straight river suddenly 'winds' like a snake. This is supported by the texts connecting the Winding Waterway with 'flood', which for the Nile was caused by the 'gift rivers' (i.e. Blue Nile and Atbara connected to the Great Bend).

As the 'flood-heralding star', Sirius is naturally relevant to the Great Bend as well. It is certainly fitting that Sirius - like the 'gift rivers' - is often associated with the idea of a 'stargate'; after all, the pentagram (a 'stargate symbol' via the embedded phi ratio and vesica piscis) traditionally signifies 'goddess stars' such as Sirius and Venus.

In terms of Richard Hoagland's 'hyperdimensional physics' derived from the geometric 'message' of Cydonia (Mars), the conduit or 'stargate' between this world and the Otherworld (i.e. hyperspace) is prominently represented by the angle 19.5°. According to the theory, it is the tetrahedral geometry signified by this angle that enables inter-dimensional energy transfer between the two realms.

This 'stargate' geometry is expressed by a circumscribed tetrahedron (made up of four equilateral triangles). Interestingly enough, the hieroglyphic sign denoting Sirius was a triangle in ancient Egypt.

The connection is made evident by archaeoastronomy. First, it is widely accepted these days that the 'air shafts' inside the Great Pyramid were designed to aligned with certain stars. One was specifically targeted toward Sirius in c. 2350 BC. And at that pinpointed time (c. 2350 BC), Sirius and Orion's Alnitak (representing the Great Pyramid as per the Orion Correlation Theory) together produced the angle 19.5° (when Sirius was rising on the Giza horizon).[10]

Next, it is natural - given the Sirius-Great Bend connection - to wonder about the possibility of the Nile's 'Winding Waterway' having some relevance to tetrahedral geometry. Indeed, we do find a clear connection! Believe it or not, the northern peak of the Great Bend precisely pinpoints the tetrahedral/stargate latitude, 19.5°N.!

What's even more incredible is the fact that the same Bend peak also pinpoints 33°E longitude. As those familiar with Hoagland's work would surely know, '33' and '19.5' are considered the two key numbers in the 'hyperdimensional code'! (Hoagland is just not yet aware of this Nile connection.)

In 1997, the esoteric importance of those numbers was overtly demonstrated as NASA landed a tetrahedron-shaped Mars Pathfinder lander on the Red Planet at 19.5 N and 33 W.! (That's pretty in your face, isn't it?) Not only that, at the moment of touchdown, Earth was positioned 19.5 degrees above the eastern Martian horizon as seen from Pathfinder's landing site.[11] As Mike Bara, Hoagland's right-hand man at the Enterprise Mission, wrote:

Pathfinder's unique tetrahedral spacecraft design geometry, coupled with the totally "recursive" tetrahedral geometry of the landing site itself, was obviously intended by NASA "ritualists" behind the scenes to celebrate – on their first return to Mars in over twenty years – the two key Hyperdimensional numbers underlying all the NASA rituals – "19.5" and "33."

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Post  highnoon on Tue 12 Jan 2010, 05:52

...continued from page 2

Open Sesame!

What intensifies the darkness surrounding the Martian '9/11 echo window' around Sept. '03 is the fact that the window preceding '9/11' in the 2-year pattern was around Sept. 1999. (In other words: 2003 - 2 - 2 = 1999.) Well, this just happens to be a time specified in the infamous prophetic quatrain of Nostradamus (X-72):

The year 1999 seven [or 'sept'] months,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars to reign by good luck

Notice how eerily applicable these four lines are to the 'Endgame' issues we've been discussing. Besides the first line, there is: 1) an allusion to the (Osirian) resurrection theme in line 3; 2) line 4 specifically mentioning Mars; 3) the same line's 'good luck' alluding to the swastika (symbolic of peace/good luck) which in turn is now linked with Project Prometheus (associated with Mars); 4) the term 'Angolmois' in line 3 relatable to Angoulême, a name given to the NYC region in the early days of the New World (i.e. the target of the 9/11 attacks); and 5) line 4's 'before after Mars' evoking the 2-year 'Martian' cycle (Sept. 1999 + 2 yrs = Sept. 2001).

(I was actually already onto most of these symbolic overlays back in 1998, as can be seen from the main graphic - linked below - I created for the old 1999: Final Solution article.)

eg4-x-72.jpg (36524 bytes)

Most intriguing, however, is the phrase 'king of terror' appearing in line 2. As discussed in my Labour of the Sun article, we can view it as an allusion to Osiris, called 'Lord of Terror' in the Egyptian 'Book of the Dead'. But there is also a clear connection to the Great Sphinx: this 'Martian'/'Osirian' monument has the Arabic name Abul-Hol, meaning 'Father of Terror'.

And since the Sphinx is an embodiment of Mars, the whole line - 'from the sky will come a great king of terror' - can be transformed into 'from the sky will come Mars', which is a perfect description of what will take place this summer during the '9/11 echo window'!

Now, let's go back to the ancient 'House of Sokar'/'Tomb of Osiris' depiction. Notice how the 'tomb' is guarded by two sphinxes, called 'Aker', recognized as a key feature of the Osirian tomb (the 'Fifth Division of the Duat').

Because the sphinx/lion/Leo is traditionally considered solar in nature (the Sphinx is identified with Horus and Atum, both sun-gods), we can interpret the Aker double-lion as signifying 'two suns'. And 'two suns', in turn, would signify 'two years' because obviously a year corresponds to Earth's orbit around the sun.

So what we have here is another nice tie-in with the 2-year cycle motif. (Note: the twin towers destroyed on 9/11 and the issue of cloning [i.e. 'doubling'] are also part of this 'twin' pattern.)

Next, here is what Collins points out about the Osirian Duat-underworld tomb and the Aker-lions:

We quickly discover... that the duat [underworld] has two gates to the outside world - an entrance in the symbolic mountain of the west, where the sun sets, and an exit on the eastern horizon, where the sun rises in the morning. Each is guarded by the reclining lion or sphinx known as an aker... Together, the double aker, or akeru, was depicted in illustrations either as two lions back to back or as a single beast with two heads.[17]

So the Aker double-sphinx is to be associated with sunrise on the eastern horizon and sunset on the western horizon.

On around August 23, 2003, just four days before Mars' closest approach to Earth, the sun will rise in conjunction with the star Regulus - the chief star of Leo, the constellation of the lion-sphinx. And as this takes place on the eastern horizon, we simultaneously see a major light setting on the western horizon exactly 180° away from the rising sun. It's none other than Mars, shining more brilliantly than any other time in recorded history!

Since the Red Planet and the Sphinx are interchangeable, what we have here are two celestial sphinxes 'guarding' both sides of the sky. Or in other words, we're seeing a celestial manifestation of the Aker-lions!

The symbolic meaning of this is quite clear: the gates between this world and the 'Otherworld' will be opened this summer. Or to use another terminology, Osiris will be resurrected a la line 3 of X-72.

Making this even more compelling is the fact that the sun-Regulus conjunction is something specifically associated with the birth of Hours, which in turn is symbolic of Osirian resurrection (as Horus, Osiris' son, is born concurrently with the death of Osiris in mythology). As author Adrian Gilbert notes:

In Egypt, Horus' birthday was celebrated when the star Sirius made its first appearance at down, heralding the annual flooding of the Nile. Yet what had not been remarked upon, as far as I knew, was that in Old Kingdom times the sun-Regulus conjunction occurred precisely at this juncture... Horus was not directly connected with Sirius but rather with Regulus, the principal star of Leo.[18]

The idea that the birth of a king should ideally take place when the sun was conjunct with Regulus seems to have been a common conception throughout the Middle East.[19]

Gilbert even goes on to associate this celestial conjunction - which he calls 'Regulus day' - with the Aker-lions:

The [Great Pyramid] itself was a 'horizon' over which the sun would pass in such a spectacular manner on Regulus day.

The name Akhet [= 'horizon'] is also clearly linked with another important symbol in the religion of the ancient Egyptians: the double lion or aker. This symbol shows two lions, one facing east and the other west.[20]

As if this wasn't enough, the 'Regulus day' conjunction of 2003 (August 22-23) will be extra special because the sun-Regulus alignment will be joined by not one but two more planets, Jupiter and Venus. In other words, we'll have a ridiculous Sun-Regulus-Jupiter-Venus-Earth alignment on the eastern horizon while 'from the sky will come a great king of terror' called Mars on the western horizon! (Click on the image below to see an animated gif image.)

The significance of the Mars positioning is also amplified by the fact that it will be in the constellation Aquarius. In the 'Time River scheme', Aquarius happens to correspond to the region of Iraq, i.e. the 'land of Mars' and the Osirian Underworld!

The Aquarius-Iraq connection is enhanced by the fact that: 1) Aquarius is traditionally represented by a man pouring water from a jar, closely resembling the ancient depiction of Enki (the Sumerian Osiris-Saturn), the god of the Tigris-Euphrates in Iraq (see illustrations below); 2) the ancient Egyptians identified Aquarius with Hapi, the personification of the Nile inundation generated by two of the four 'Eden rivers', the other two being the Tigris and Euphrates as explained earlier; and 3) Aquarius is sometimes[21] equated with the phoenix embodying the Osirian resurrection.



So all this together strongly indicates that the summer of 2003 will see the 'birth of Horus' and/or the 'death of Osiris'. In the context of Christian/Gnostic tradition, the 'birth of Horus' signifies the 'birth of a Christ' (Jesus as well as his offspring).

Hence we have come full circle: the Rennes-le-Château mystery involving Poussin's Et in Arcadia Ego is widely believed to concern the secret of Jesus leaving behind descendants through Mary Magdalene.

Indeed, it's very likely that the enigmatic shepherdess seen in Et in Arcadia Ego is Mary Magdalene herself - and she does appear she could be pregnant. And the tomb, the central feature of the painting, is likely that of Jesus. As 'Osiris' dies, 'Horus' is conceived, as per ancient Egyptian mythology. Furthermore, Rennes-le-Château - supposedly the general region depicted in the painting - is located in southern France, the same area Mary Magdalene supposedly went sometime after Jesus' crucifixion according to Gnostic tradition.

In the remarkable book The Tomb of God by Richard Andrews and Paul Schellenberger, it is plausibly theorized that Et in Arcadia Ego along with other paintings implicated in the mystery is collectively a coded 'treasure map' pinpointing the 'tomb of God', i.e. 'tomb of Jesus'. This is, of course, analogous to the 'tomb of Osiris' or 'House of Sokar'.

But clearly, the 'Tomb of Osiris' par excellence is the Great Pyramid - the grandest manifestation of the 'House of Sokar'. Hence Poussin's tomb in the painting would have to be considered a 'version' of the Great Pyramid.

Farfetched? Not really. Check out the following, 'leaked' from my infamous 'black project'... Smile

First, Andrews and Schellenberger discovered that the 'Rennes geometry' encoded in Et in Arcadia Ego was designed to utilize a dark band area at the top of the painting normally covered by a frame.[22] And I followed this format as well.

What I did was quite natural. Following up on the tomb-pyramid connection, I simply brought the two together - by superimposing the Great Pyramid's cross-section diagram over the painting.

And then came the revelation.

Excerpt from goro adachi's End game part 4, fascinating Eg4-bergers-GP

Excerpt from goro adachi's End game part 4, fascinating Eg4-bergers-chamber

Needless to say, they just happened to fit perfectly as if by magic! Seems almost too good to be true, but this is very real. Simple, yet implications so profound...

So profound indeed: notice how the shepherd in red behind 'Mary Magdalene' now points with his index finger at the pyramid's 'King's Chamber', the supposed burial room for the Egyptian king, i.e. the symbolic 'tomb of Osiris'! And of course the chamber is positioned right at the center of the tomb in the painting - as if to make the point that 'this is the tomb of Christ' (and vice versa).

Further, it was believed in ancient Egypt that the king becomes Osiris upon death and in effect 'ascends' to Orion (the celestial Osiris). Correspondingly, the southern 'star shaft' emanating from the same King's Chamber was designed to align with Orion during the Pyramid Age - thus nicely confirming that the King's Chamber does represent the 'tomb of Osiris'!

This was actually a little more than what I had planned to reveal in this article, but there it is.

The Sum of All Fears?

Okay, so the overall message is that an Osirian resurrection event will take place soon... But what does that mean exactly? As far as I can tell at this time, it appears we're in for a potentially very dark event. Again, the key here is the idea of the 'stargate window' of summer 2003 being an 'echo' of 9/11.

Looking back, it was perhaps prophetic that Hoagland kept referring to the Cydonia IR picture as his 'H-bomb'. In a similar vein, the recent revelation of Project Prometheus - envisioning a nuclear propulsion system to help man go to Mars - was seemingly another omen.

Nukes and Mars... Something about this combination that is somehow relevant to our immediate future.

It is certainly curious that Japan, the first and only nation to be nuked - twice - in history is sometimes called 'the Land of the Rising Sun'. It can easily be rephrased as 'the land of Horus', 'land of the Sphinx', or 'land of Mars'. (Have you seen the Japanese national flag?) And if nuclear explosions are to be seen as artificial 'little suns', the two atomic bombs dropped there would even correlate with the 'double-lion'/'two suns'/'2-year cycle' theme. Further, it is interesting that the Sphinx/Aker is a form of Atum, which conjures up 'atom'.

We also find that the historic Hiroshima bombing (Aug. 6) took place on the day of Sirius' heliacal rising - i.e. the celestial event that used to herald the symbolic resurrection of Osiris! And then there is the intriguing fact that 'Hiroshima' means 'wide island' and 'Nagasaki' means 'long foreland'. Switched around, we would have the phrase 'Long Island', which of course is a key part of NYC, the city attacked twice on 9/11. It just happens that Long Island's latitude exactly matches Cydonia's (~40.8 N)! And of course, Manhattan - the heart of NYC - relates to 'Manhattan Project' that created the atomic bomb.

What does all this mean for the coming 'stargate window'? Obviously, one of the possible interpretations is that we're looking at some kind of 'nuclear event'. Metaphorical or literal - we don't know. But according to the pattern whatever will happen is likely to involve the United States and/or Iraq (which is a 'land of Mars' like Japan).

As gloomy as this projection is, I'm focused more on another scenario that is quietly emerging for the 'stargate' window. It can be be quickly expressed by this 'sign':

Somehow, there seems to be a connection between the coming Osirian resurrection and... well, the Third Reich, the 'Beast'. You could say that we're talking about an 'anti-Christ', to use a Christian term.

Politics and governmental conspiracy stuff have never been a big subject discussed here on the Etemenanki website. The current world situation, however, is now making it necessary for me to delve into that area.

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Highnoon, I've been reading on the internet that in Iraq there is not a just a stargate.

There are sayings in the Koran about a weapon of mass destruction. In an article from my other link it talks about a time restarting device called the atu-waa located in the area you are talking about and why everyone is fighting over that place, it's not about the oil or the false enemies.
Also been hidden in the places include: Tennessee, U.S.A., Australia, Congo, Gibraltar, Vietnam, Israel and Iraq. It was last moved to Afghanistan, near Kabul.

Very interesting what's on the internet.

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Post  highnoon on Thu 14 Jan 2010, 06:05

yeah they're very effiicient, we think two birds with one stone is a great deal, but when they do things they get 10 objectives accomplished under one pretense.

whats the history of tennesse how is that an important area of north america?

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Post  seraphim on Mon 18 Jan 2010, 05:18

Ever heard of Memphis Tennessee, HighNoon.......

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Post  seraphim on Mon 18 Jan 2010, 05:47

Highnoon, I was talking about disinfo earlier and this website may be a part of that who knows, but it sure is interesting, they tell of how the infiltration of disinfo worked on them. It keeps getting clever and clever.

In early 2008, we began to analyze Planet X / Nibiru South Pole Telescope (SPT) leak videos by YouTube users, such as NibiruShock2012.

Some of these videos, particularly the first two by NibiruShock2012, triggered massive, well-organized disinformation attacks. When we began documenting these disinformation attacks, we became the target of equally brutal attacks, which continue to this day. However, if the goal of these attacks was to diminish our popularity, the exact opposite proved to be true.

As a consequence of these well-funded and highly-organized wolf pack disinformation attacks on us, our visibility on the web has skyrocketed. Consequently, we've seen dramatic increases in visitor traffic to yowusa.com and similar increases in new subscriptions and book sales. As the old saying goes, we "fell into a bucket of manure and came up smelling like roses."

Planet X/Nibir
Fasten your seatbelts


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Post  seraphim on Sun 21 Mar 2010, 06:23

Gulf of Aden

Bimini vortex of coast of florida
10 Vortices Around the World

THE FOG also explores the Triangle’s connection to UFOs, a secret navy base, and a possible link to a vanished ancient civilization.
2005, as part of a Sci Fi Channel documentary on the Bermuda Triangle, researcher David Childress explored underwater artifacts called the Scott Stones which he and others believe is linked to Atlantis - one of its locations being the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. No one is certain what the 'stone looking' formations are. Chisel marks would have to be found for them to be determined as manmade, not to mention dating their age.

It has been said that the Bahama Banks were the last part of Atlantis to sink, and the last place where these glorious advanced electromagnetic machines went below the ocean. The Bimini Wall or Road was discovered off the coast of Bimini in 1968.

The electromagnetic anomalies in the area, Childress states, are linked to advanced technologies under the water in the Bermuda Triangle that are still active. This goes to ancient mysteries, and perhaps ancient astronauts, about powerful Atlantean crystal technology developed being buried beneath the ocean floor when Atlantis sank into the sea due to cataclysmic events over 10,000 years ago.

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