Live Reality TV (or the attempted scripted formation of Reality)

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Live Reality TV (or the attempted scripted formation of Reality)

Post  KapitanScarlet on Sat 12 Nov 2011, 12:55

While the mainstream news will happily rant on an on about rupert murdochs media empire , as if he's the only megarich publicity bandwagon , who else is behind whats shaping many peoples thoughts and beliefs right now

The tv reality program world now dominates the small screen , but anyone who's viewed something like big brother under the guise of studied analysis to merely enquire if the program its doing what it is advertising itself as doing , they will discover that it is anything but live and in fact it is more tightly scripted and edited than any previous so called traditional scripted formats

The Leading company and possibly pioneer behind this new phenomena of live reality tv programming is a company called Endemol which i keep seeing attributed to the end of many of these programs as i only tend to see the end of them as i wait for a rare program that i might actually view on the small screen

Their catchphrase is "Unscripted Television " which is a joke when scrutinised through the fact observing eye

This Endemol company originates out of Holland which in itself is a pioneer in removing the sacred out of the sex act thx to its extreme porn industry

A guy called John De Mol (of previous John De Mol Productions) is behind this who just happens to now be a multi billionaire , one of the richest people in the world and in 2007 , this endemol company is under a new umbrella of ownership , the usual corporate slime balls of Goldman Sachs, Mediacinco and Cyrte
Endemol is now the world's largest independent production company, with over 80 companies in 31 countries

Thats a whole lotta influence on the minds of people in the leading technological countries in the world

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Re: Live Reality TV (or the attempted scripted formation of Reality)

Post  highnoon on Sat 19 Nov 2011, 02:48

aside from sports broadcasting reality tv can never work in theory. because at the very least it has to be edited because theres too much footage taken to fit into whatever timeslot.

so if editing has to happen. might as well throw scripting or heavy guidance into how the show turns out.

thats just the mechanics. theres also the notions that reality tv implies to the viewership. usually a big one is the notion that someone has to be gotten rid of. we have to downsize the cast, cut and dry winner and losers. lots of crying and broken dreams on one side and a small 1 or few who get something ridiculous out of winning the show by the time the season is over.

THAT doesnt have to be a part of reality TV. but i think editing does.

maybe the only way it doesnt would be if there was a tv channel(s) dedicated to showing a few reality shows. and every few hours they switched shows and just showed live footage of people doing things and recapping on important stuff missed. probably wouldnt be very interesting but i guess it could happen and be more "real".

look were back to the post office show. heres marge licking envelopes. what happened when the police department show as on 2 hours ago? well marge went over to the water cooler and chatted with some coworkers we couldnt really hear what she was saying cause the grip guy fell asleep and forgot to follow her around.

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