Dvorak keyboard layout

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Dvorak keyboard layout

Post  highnoon on Sun 10 Jul 2011, 16:51

anyone have any experience with this? i looked at a picture and spent 2 mins studying how it might be better, and because all the vowels are to the left in one spot and some of the lesser used letters are down on the bottom right i thought. you keep going back to the same areas for common words. i was thinking maybe one of these days when i get a small laptop i will try to find one that has the dvorak layout, cause i hear you can easily get 50 words per minute with 1 hand. which might be useful cause then i can hold onto a drink or do something else on the go.


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Re: Dvorak keyboard layout

Post  KapitanScarlet on Fri 29 Jul 2011, 01:17

That looks more my cup of t, im still a one finger puncher on the standard set , i dont know how i get things done Smile

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