Sex to Children in Gaza to Dominic Frasca

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Sex to Children in Gaza to Dominic Frasca

Post  tgII on Thu 16 Dec 2010, 03:10

I was stumbling around Youtube looking for guitar music and
came across this Youtube about sex. Okay, so I clicked on it
thinking it was related to music and this video comes up; have
a look:

Did you happen to notice the number of views this chick got
with this sex related video? Came in over 108,000,000!!

Then, if you view let's say, a video about these children enduring
every hardship imaginable in Palestine, like the video below with
just over 15,00 views, you really have to ask yourself, at least
I do, what is this neurotic obsessive hangup with sex in America?

Note: This video from Gaza might be a bit of propaganda:

Anyway, I found the Youtube guitar music of Dominic Frasca I was
looking for and his video encouragingly has over 32,00,000 views;
there's hope yet.


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