Wikileaks - Julian Assange - counter-intelligence - cyber security

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Re: Wikileaks - Julian Assange - counter-intelligence - cyber security

Post  Sputnik on Tue 26 Apr 2011, 04:58

Lada wrote:Wikileaks evangelicals.. I like that. Very Happy

I included the Gospel of Judas into my modus operandi.

I thought I would drop by to tell you my little story. Razz

I "infiltrated" WikiLeaks on the level of a "volunteer" for the propaganda and donation-collection scheme and as an admin of one of their websites . It took me 4 month to get an invitation to
"join the hive" .. and less than one to piss them off, but I am used to such limited assignments jocolor

1. They are structured like scientology in it's mental strategy.
2. They are very hierarchical and secretive (like free-masons to be precise)
3. "Information wants to be free" if it is not concerning them as an org
4. They hire over the net and a german e-mail account that runs right through the Pentagon, that is...a few blocks from it but's running through Brainwashington and then to Germany, so the "line" is tapped for sure. Very unprofessional one would think, no? but check the "detailed" who-is of the e-mail they use for public contact on their facebook page.
5. I could only find out the identity of the person that runs the Facebook page, the Wikileaks Forum and another WL related page.
6. When they set up their "public relations op" up they removed the "sunshine press" e-mail adress and deactivated their Facebook discussion board (1.7 million members LULZ) after I caused some "problems" regarding their "op style" by pointing out deliberate manipulation and deletions.
7. their modus operandi includes censoring people for expressing their political views; they most definetly don't like folks to discuss Israel or Zionism. Cool
8. The Julius Bear Bank CD gig was a PR show and we will properbly never ever see any true Bank data revealing corrupt politicians and corporations as was promised.
9. None of their published materials have caused any legal consequences, the Pentagon itself redacted the materials.
10. They say that they can't be "transparent" but that is bullshit .. politically motivated bs me thinks.

I spoke to a couple senior volunteers .. IT geeks with a superhero complex ( I think those kids are quite easy to take advantage of), i was never bored more in my life talking to this "scene"...simply awful .. but as you can guess I had 'enough' fun doing a bit of what I always do/stirring in the shit. They basically did want me as a "mouthpeace to spread the Wikileaks evangelicals"...LOL
but then I started to talk the Gospel of Judas and they kicked me out of their shrine before I could start going into the Gospel of Thomas clown I guess I'll have to study it alone for now...
and see what revelations it has in store for me .. besides the obvious contempt of the Empire for me researching it in the first place ..

Yes TG, I like to stir in the shit to see what it consists of. I'd say it smells a bit like Zion. This thread got quite big...I will read it now and may add some comments if applicable.

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Re: Wikileaks - Julian Assange - counter-intelligence - cyber security

Post  Sputnik on Tue 26 Apr 2011, 06:42

Results are being cataloged and archived - you're in a fucking
'game.' DK Matai is 'free' to contract; he's earned his keep.

Do people actually think that these people were going to simply
let the internet run wild (hackers) without significant 'secrets'
eventually being revealed by a lot of people who are now divulging
all these crimes as Wikileaks evangelicals? They are
controlling the outcomes.

Happy computing.

No TG I never thought that as I happen to understand quite well that 80% of the Internet is
not accessible for you, me and average Joe..never will be, and yes, I know that everything
we do "here" is being 'catalogued'...that's why this part of the internet was made "available"
you know can be rest assured that I am a "conscious labrat" least.

tgII wrote:Guess what, Wikileaks uses the same router developed by
the Pentagon and patented by the US Navy:

  • "Wikileaks claims to protect the identity of whistle-blowers that submit information to the website. Despite its anti-authoritarian stance on censorship, Wikileak's main strength comes from a piece of technology developed by the Pentagon ironically. A kind of network called The Onion Router – or Tor – enables users to post documents without fear of being traced." ´

Yeah, another strange 'anomally' is Jacob Appelbaum. He is working for WL and TOR...
Wikileaks got its initial set of documents from Tor, which was later denied by Appelbaum.

Tor works by bouncing your data all over the world to make tracing it back to you unfeasible if not impossible. After the final bounce your traffic lands on an "exit node", which relays it out to the Internet. Exit nodes are a lot like an open wireless network in that they are often run by random people who decided they're willing to share their connections with strangers in order to help them out.

If the operator of an exit node were to run Firesheep or a similar tool, they would be able to compromise any Tor user who was accessing insecure websites through this exit node.

What you probably didn't know, is that the very same individual who wrote the above blog-entry, Eric Butler aka codebutler, is friends with Ian Gallagher, aka crash/cdine/neg9, who is friends with Ioerror aka Jacob Appelbaum. Let me spell this out again: the very same person who said that using Tor is insecure is friends with the biggest Tor preacher!

These three men, Appelbaum, Gallagher and Butler, have tweeted about LGBT issues. Together, the 3 men visited Iceland last January, where they met with Smari McCarthy, one of the Icelandic (ex-)WL volunteers.

Very technical presentation about Tor delivered by Jacob Appelbaum and Seth Shoen:

  • O-tone: I have a suggestion for you: Fuck up your tools. Right? I wanna see software that is exported to a country that is bug-doored... right, you know what a bug-door, everyone, is? Does everybody know what this is? A bug-door is a b...ack-door that you place in a piece of software, by accidentally making a bug. And if you exploit the bug, then you have a bug-door into the system. So, I have a demonstration of a thing that looks a lot like a bug-door, later in the slides, and we will get to that. A challenge for you, right? If this software, gets sent to a country, or to a group of people that are doing something that is wrong, release an exploit, and do not provide a patch for that country until they patch their society.

At one point, Appelbaum urges the room full of hackers, programmers and developers to deliberately incorporate secret "bug-doors" (=programming error or "bug"-based backdoors) into their proprietary software, that they then lie about and keep to themselves and only exploit in the event of a crisis (political or otherwise). "F- up your tools", says Appelbaum, "release an exploit (based on the secret bug-door quietly into the wild) and don't provide a patch". The attendants start laughing, but it's clear that Appelbaum's suggestion is dead-serious.

The patented US Navy Onion Router was given to Julian Assange.
Who gave it to him?

Answer that and 'Wikileaks' is solved.

CIA spin-off BBG funded Tor

A generous donation of a quarter million dollars in 2007 and 2009.

CIA subsidies to the Free Europe Committee (NCFE's later name) ended in 1971, after Sen. Clifford P. Case (R-NJ) revealed that it received covert assistance. Radio Free Europe was re-chartered as a public corporation (receiving Congressionally appropriated funds). All funding and oversight responsibilities were transferred to the presidentially appointed Board for International Broadcasting [Broadcasting Board of Governors].

The BBG also oversees the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB), which provides program placement and transmission services for all the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) broadcast organizations and manages a global network of transmitting sites and an extensive system of leased satellite and fiber optic circuits, along with a rapidly growing Internet delivery system.

A CIA spin-off, The Broadcasting Board of Governors through its International Broadcasting Bureau, funded the Tor Project for several years

Little vulture is an 'asymmetric threat'

Haha, I would say I am mentally so "symetric" for anyone
(including any retarded computer algorithm) to detect me as "a thread" time ..
Almost never understood properbly...sigh! but it's helpful

Oh little vulture, your human passion for 'justice' is being
siphoned off with your religious beliefs...just like it has for centuries.

Yeah but at least I got their public discussion board taken out (1,7 million members) and their
new Wikileaks forum has only 3000 members with 50 people active (of which half are mods rofl).

I'm still a pretty expensive Siren.

I get a real bad feeling something horrible is going to come out of what wikileaks started. I can't even put it into words. The scale of the mass manipulation going on is incredible one of the most devious and folks won't even have a clue, because it deals with otherworldly things a person can't even fathom. How worse could it get than what a person already is......almost under complete control. The psychological traps folks already are in for who knows how long is mindblowing.

Oh well .. isn't the social engineering of freemasonry always scary? I can't see how this is any different from the things they've done before. I had to laugh when I saw Assange's Lawyer Stephens wearing a Skull & Bones necktie no .. he's a free-mason and works for the Rothschilds too. Assanges defense lawyer in the US is no other then Alan "Zion" Dershowitz ..

(looking for evidence Julian Assange was 'experimented' on):

..check out the SANDOZ connection..

Why Julian Assange through Wikileaks? Your guess is as good as mine. Why drugs? Why is it necessary for this elaborate scientific mind control?

Because they can't do real magic..that's why americans drink flourodated water and so on.
By the way, I noticed you took me a bit too serious TG .. i was just teasing you .. i didn't really mean it .. I got called Nazi by your countrymen too often.. so I reflect some of that "british humor" a bit.
I would also like to talk about football with you ..

I've been experimenting with different "online-personalities" .. far I have been called a Nazi Pig and other times a Zionist Pig ..
(whereas I am not sure if I am really able to tell the difference) scratch

I bet my "cyber profile" is a huge mess.. Laughing

Regarding the sex entity attachments , i definetly buy into that,
The way i interpret it is that the ether is full of all types of entities , benevolent and malevolent, and human beings are vehicles or more like conductors for their expressions

So the way a person exists can make them a better or lesser conductor for each polarity of entity

A well developed self aware person may have minimised their conductivity for malevolent entity expression, whereas an undeveloped person may be a perfect freeway for malevolent entity expressions

Whenever 2 people are intimate , there must be an import export of each others energy influences which leads to very strange , beautiful and sometimes horrific effects on the psyches

I found the discussion about the archons interesting...the above qoute and general speculations as well. As I see it (eastern perspective I may add) a female (being magnetic in nature) has little use or benefit for abstaining sexually (that's were Castaneda and his folks went wrong) whereas males actually can benefit from it when done sensible (being the electric part and all) .. but what is important for both equally (and which is the only true "cleansing" process) is to LOVE while fucking (pardon my language). There can't be any harmful leeching or "entity attachment", at least no permanent one if one knows the secret of LOVE. You know what I mean - that pure goodness that flows out of you sometimes know it's real when it is flowing unconditionally..

Only the very best developed humans would be capable of making this type of sacrifice in the interests of the study of esoterica and coming out the other side with a compiled knowledge of how that energy possessed / obsessed them, because most people would end up broken into pieces by such a trip

Oh I agree with you, maybe one doesn't have to be the "very best", just ready for that stage of experience, as Paracelsius said, fruits don't ripen all with the same speed or in the same time
and matter of fact .. people not aware get broken into pieces by the same forces nevertheless ..

Well, here it is; for you nihilists out there including 'little vulture',
you were watching the theater of the absurd and I am vindicated.

Yes honeybunny, you were right about everything except me being a Nihilist (except when in Buddha-mind, then I am partly that too Razz )

I got one of my computers hacked (actually two, but one was eventually wrecked to death by a killer trojan) by the worshippers of the WL cult...only to come to the same conclusion as you - I just like to "touch" the phantoms and pick people brains if you know what I mean ..

I think I will hate the next week ..
first that retarded wedding and then the bloodification of Pope JPII....
see ya! lol!

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Re: Wikileaks - Julian Assange - counter-intelligence - cyber security

Post  Sputnik on Wed 04 May 2011, 17:11

Lada wrote:

I think I will hate the next week ..
first that retarded wedding and then the bloodification of Pope JPII....

God damnit...**Beltane** over yet ?? (gawd don't you hate those despicable masons?)

Obama killed Osama (or Pope JPII, depends on who you talk to) ...
Kate and William share the same Wedding aniversary as Hitler and Eva Brown,

only 66 years apart ..
and the world is on the brink of WWIII (congrats to the rats)

Oh and while they announced the death of a phantom they actually killed the son of Gaddafi and three of his grandchildren for bloody real....

but hey, we've now got HUMANITARIAN **Predator Drones** bombing Libyan civilians..
so let the Nuclear Depopulation Al Qaida show down now begin..may KARMA kill their wicked souls..

now tell me I was wrong...... Rolling Eyes

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Re: Wikileaks - Julian Assange - counter-intelligence - cyber security

Post  Sputnik on Thu 12 May 2011, 14:15

WikiLeaks Threatens Its Own Leakers [actually-->Staff and volunteers] With $20 Million Penalty

“Any and all information disclosed to you [that is, the WikiLeaks staffer or volunteer receiving incoming leaks] is disclosed without any liability on the part of WikiLeaks,” (our emphasis).

Once received, apparently at the staffer’s risk, a leaked document then becomes “solely the property of WikiLeaks” – an interesting notion, given that governments and businesses would probably consider documents to be solely their property [author’s note: this is not a commentary on the morality of leaking, only its legality].

if you sign this as a volunteer, Assange can tar and feather you and hand you out to the justice department, because you AGREED to be liable while he claims ownership of the leaked documents
and sells it to the highest bider..via his new (UK copyrighted and Icland registered) Wikileaks company.

He even trademarketed himself "Douchebag TM" Laughing


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Re: Wikileaks - Julian Assange - counter-intelligence - cyber security

Post  KapitanScarlet on Mon 03 Oct 2011, 21:31

Assange Update (most of it already been stated )

His “Unauthorised” Autobiography is now available through the scottish publisher Canongate at around 20 pounds
Here are some snippets of reported info according to scottish press :-

When Assange signed the contract with Canongate he announced “I hope this will become one of the unifying documents of our generation “
The eminent Author Andrew o Hagan was assigned as the ghostwriter, He recorded over 50 hours of interviews with assange, and completed a first draft.
But suddenly Assange then had second thoughts about the autobiography and told canongate he did not want to publish anything , declaring “All memoir is Prostitution “
When Canongate asked for its first installment of money back , 420 000 pounds , Assange said he had already spent it on his legal bills
So then against assanges will, canongate decided to go ahead and publish it anyway , just changing the title to the unauthorised and rushing it out without the authors knowledge.
Assange was furious

According to Assange , friends are always letting him down , His memoirs are packed full of former friends who then become enemies. The word enemies is peppered throughout the memoirs

His second setence is , One day I would meet my enemies and they would hate me for wanting the truth
Assange states his first word was WHY but the scottish press reckon it was more likely whaaargh

His mother meets his father at an anti-vietnam demo in sydney and broke up with him soon after
His mother takes up with Brett assange , a travelling theatre guy who gives his sirname to julian, whos real name is Julian Shipton, less dashing than assange and even less dashing than D Asange which julian uses on early business cards

Julians first real memory is … One day our house burns down , and even as a toddler he senses a conspiracy afoot

He attends well over 30 different schools

Around this time his mother leaves Brett assange for someone called Leif Meynell , a member of a cult that believes that a melbourne housewife is the reincarnation of jesus christand that the world is shortly due to end

Leif is a bad dude and julian falls out with him and runs away with mother , leif is never seen again

Age 16 , julian get his first computer , a commodore 64 and then his life changes

“I always knew I was different and part of an elite”
“ With a computer , you dissapear into something larger and you serve it as best you can “
“I hack therefore I am”

then lots of reports on hacking … like ...he starts hacking into a computer in the pentagon , along with an elite group of computer explorers , working at a high level , but no actual hacking techniques given in details (:

Nah not worth the purchase without that info Evil or Very Mad

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Re: Wikileaks - Julian Assange - counter-intelligence - cyber security

Post  KapitanScarlet on Sat 23 Nov 2013, 15:50


The Fench guy early on is making some sobering points,  how the current computer software is so complex that its doubtful if one person can actually analyse whats going down,  i have to speculate that there are most likely now machines that analyse another machines software and try and break that down for one experts assessment,  this is a potentially  dangerous moment, when the machines software (thoughts)   is beyond the comprehension of its creator as a holistic comprehension

Demon seed comes to mind

very healthy discussion this, full marks to assange and Rt and guests Cool 

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Re: Wikileaks - Julian Assange - counter-intelligence - cyber security

Post  Sputnik on Sun 24 Nov 2013, 17:20

I call it the war of the TECH Lords .. others named it the 'breakaway civilisation' .. still very busy infighting ..

Heard about this supposed creation of a selfaware supercomputer, but I doubt it will be functional..because the public internet to which we 'plebeians' have access to [which is less than 20% of the entire internet] is about to be "balkanized" as a result of Snowden's revelations.

Meanwhile the Kremlin undusts it's old typewriters .. and it's trending.. Sputnik was shot into orbit with simple pocket calculators - something that only Russia is able to pull off to this day .. think about it, hehehe LOL.

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Re: Wikileaks - Julian Assange - counter-intelligence - cyber security

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