The religion of Crop Circle

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The religion of Crop Circle

Post  tgII on Fri 20 Nov 2009, 11:55

Couldn't help myself, but this topic needs exposure for the idiots out
here suffering from sub space self-delusional meltdown. Did someone
say new age? What are crap circles?

The "Mothman" crop circle burned in by a maser satellite by the geeks
earlier this year. The image was lifted from a blog I like discussing
paranormal topics including Adam Gorightly insights.

Read Washington L.O.W.F.I. Blog

    The "Mothman" crop circle from Goes, Holland.
    The guys running the laser satellites know we
    are hot on their trail.

Please answer the following question:

How are crop circles made?

  • A) Herds of mating hedgehogs.
    B) Violent atmospheric disturbances.
    C) UFO landing sites.
    D) Lung-mei (earth energies most commonly referred to as dragon currents)
    linked to megalithic sites.
    E) Hoaxers and drunks out having fun out in the country side.

Got news for you, none of the answers above, but don't tell that to Suzanne
Taylor, she might lose sales. Taylor made a video documentary, and don't
laugh either, called What on Earth.

In a giant effort to share the wonder, power and mystery of the circles
with the world, she wants to bring this experience to YOU, that's right, now
you too can hear an extraordinary group of experts and organizations that have
all joined forces with Taylor to bring the wonder of it all to you.

Oh, and don't forget, buy the video and you will also get her offer of free
bonus gifts.

To get your gifts from Suzanne Taylor.

Alright, I've saved the best for last, but first, let me ask, do
you read, are you CRITICAL, do you have the CAPACITY to THINK? Very
good, so here is the best theory on how crap circles, sorry, I mean, crop
circles are made.

    The SDI Circle Hypothesis:

    All cells contain DNA and RNA among other things. These two complex
    molecules are especially sensitive to UV frequencies in the range of
    260 NM.

    In addition, cells can be "denatured" or "melted" when exposed to
    temperatures in the range of 73 to 77 degrees Celsius. This causes
    the ladder-like structure of the DNA/RNA to begin to separate.

    This is one of the reasons high energy sources are so dangerous to
    living systems. The energy causes micro-heating in the DNA/RNA
    which partially "melts" the tissues.

    When the heating is removed (and depending on the degree of
    melting), the DNA/RNA will revert to the original mirror symmetry

    This is not always a perfect reversion to the original pattern
    however. Sometimes the patterns are so distorted as to produce
    mutations in the form of cancer and other diseases.

    Plants also are made up of cells. If these cells are subjected to a
    high intensity UV laser, heating occurs causing the plants to melt
    like plastic at their weakest point, i.e. the stalk.

    Two dimensional laser displays rely on a device known as an acousto-
    optic modulator. This is simply a front surface mirror (reflecting
    only from the exposed side) which vibrates on either an X or a Y

    When the modulator is driven by a sufficiently fast device (like a
    computer), the laser beam can be reflected off the mirror to paint a
    picture on any surface. The flatter the surface (and the more
    perpendicular to the beam), the more perfect the reproduction of the
    intended image.

    If a UV laser were to be properly directed from a space satellite
    (intended to be used for SDI purposes), it could quite easily
    "paint" a picture on earth or crops.

Look up, damn it!!! bounce

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