Roswell & the Reich

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Re: Roswell & the Reich

Post  seraphim on Sat 20 Mar 2010, 04:01

The Nazi's use symbols that go back tens of thousands of years, which go back to the advanced civilizations, and then to the higher intelligences, call them aliens now and gods back then.
So, even if it looks like Nazi symbols, it could still be alien.

Folks may not believe in aliens (mostly programmed to not want to believe in aliens or any other open minded possibilities and to go hog wild crazy if even mentioned. How dumbdowned can they get the sheeple.), but he is 100 percent right on about everything else...............

Hmmm.....history repeated itself with 911 later...... what happened in the World Trade bombing was similar to 911........there were no dinky bombs or airplanes involved in the World Trade incident but a nuclear weapon......go to 5 minute mark. I'm sure if he was still alive he would have known immediately it was no 2 airplanes taking down the twin towers.

Phil Schneider was talking of human prison camps in 1995...........the aliens underground could have been a genetically tweaked version as well (besides humans, why couldn't have they made other beings??) and those camps were meant for them IMO. Possibly why the Cold War was a front and the government wanted to create a star wars defense program back then, Schneider seems right on that. Don't know what kind of things they are doing now, all diabolical, I'm sure.

There are 12 parts, here's a few on Phil Schneider.


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Re: Roswell & the Reich

Post  seraphim on Sun 21 Mar 2010, 06:42

I was doing some research on earthquakes. I should have stuck with geology, because from what I read now versus what the scientists say is completely different. And of course you will not read anything about vortices and what they do. I was recently reading about how mountains are newer than we thought and that their was no ice age ending 10 thousand years ago, will write more later.
But what causes land to rise and fall are huge gas belts that circle the globe, you do not want to mess with that. But for some reason several atomic bombs were exploded to release or gain access to this gas to use as a resource, but that failed. Besides who in their right mind would detonate huge bombs near pockets of gas!!! So I assume and I know there is a reason for everything, that someone was doing something underground for other purposes.

All the projects seem to be fronts for something else.
Project Gnome in New Mexico

Gasbuggy - A Failure?

Perhaps because of the project’s five million dollar pricetag, geologists and scientists involved with Gasbuggy were reluctant to declare the test a failure. Yet it didn’t create nearly as much fracturing of the shale as geologists had hoped. Nor did Gasbuggy stimulate the levels of increase in gas production needed (10-20X) to pay for the half-million dollar nuclear bomb. What gas it did produce, customers wouldn’t buy.

There was no mushroom cloud, but on December 10, 1967, a nuclear bomb exploded less than sixty miles from Farmington New Mexico

The goal of the Farmington blast, code-named Gasbuggy, was to see if a smaller underground nuclear explosion would stimulate the release of natural gas trapped in dense shale deposits.

The Project GNOME detonation on December 10, 1961 near Carlsbad, New Mexico was the first nuclear test with the objective of developing nuclear explosives for peaceful applications

Study the possibility of converting the heat produced by a nuclear explosion into steam for the production of electric power

one mile and half underground 21 miles sw of dulce exploded atomic bomb in 60's to relieve the gases in the earth. Now it's all radiated and you hear buzzing noises.

There were some major things going on in the sixties.
Edgar Cayce predicted that Atlantis would rise again in 1969. In that time frame the Bimini Road was discovered in the Atlantic Ocean.
In 1960, Chile was hit by the world's biggest earthquake in records dating back to 1900
And the cold front war and then the Star Wars Space construct were two other major goings on, Schneider was right about that. Did the government actually think someone was coming and they did all those magnificently, odd things.

We were given technology within the past 100 years for some reason, actually not given to the people, but to the rulers. Or else they stole it, and of course whatever is in their evil hands turns malevolent.

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Re: Roswell & the Reich

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