Discoveries through Paranoia

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Re: Discoveries through Paranoia

Post  seraphim on Sat 13 Feb 2010, 02:38

This is very fascinating flames and what an interesting experience. I don't have anything against smoking mother nature or Spirit plants.

Paranoia is there so you don't go crazy, keeps you one step ahead. It tries to keep reality in check perhaps.
Plus there are so many things and energies out there that don't really care if you are alive or not, so you have to be wary or paranoid of them. It keeps you on your toes and that death is always at the doorstep.
And then there is something called fear. If you are free you don't have that. Really. And I'm not talking about being on drugs free.

I've heard that technology was given to us and is controlled. And that nothing new has come out since it started. Even if you get the updates and it looks new and all that it's still computer chips and such. You can create anything with numbers because it is the universal language, but we haven't been given the information yet.
So the numbers in the blueprint are what count?

If we are allowed, then the next step will be bio or nano techonology. So when they give us this virtual reality they are preparing us for something most likely.
But I don't trust that at all or technology because it's used for devious purposes and is completely controlled. Technology doesn't have a soul. No matter how much man wants to make technology in his image, like a God who wants power and create something, artificial doesn't make sense. Because then you really can implant and brainwash the bio tech whenever you want, versus a person which might take the time of childhood to do it. And then the real New and One World Order will be accomplished.
I'm not saying having power to create something is bad, it's just that things turn out chaotic if not done right.

Zero of course is not a number, and One only represents the existence of a single unit. In a way, it is like the idea of One God, and everything existing outside of that One God, in the binary sense does not exist, if it existed it would have to belong to its own number group, a signature. So this got me thinking in terms of physics, if the technology you and I are using on modern computers misrepresent the full potential of computer processing, then I am led to consider the idea of a more complex and complete computer operating system at work, probably at the high levels of government. I personally believe that consciousness itself, is the information processed through the many transistors in most of our technology.

Everyone who is bio and tech tweaked with, will all be the same and in the same group for ever. Just like all the robots or android humans on sci fi, like Data on star trek. The signature or a God group outside of God that you mentioned?

I've never studied physics either, but Farrell's and your theories sounds interesting. I still don't believe the trinity should include technology, which may be soon, because that is what is being fed to us on television and in the movies.
The star wars and star trek technology is a possibility for sure, you are right about our technology now being low.
I personally believe that consciousness itself, is the information processed through the many transistors in most of our technology
Information is consciousness, the brain and the computer are very similar, and now they want to mix the two. But that is not the real mind at all. There exists the superconsciousness which is the ONE or how one contacts the source and has nothing to do with technology.
There is a way to tap into the One supercomputer called God or Source and that is through the superconscious, but in order for most to do that they will have to be tweaked and programmed via technology, because they have lost so much already and can't do it naturally.
You think they should mix the trinity with technology to create a superhuman? Why are things made so complicated?

People want to be superhumans so they will go along with this new technology. Unless of course they are bred out or interbred with some alien or annihilated first. Who knows.
This is where my brain started smoking, and it related to what physicists have called the Aether, Information Gathering Medium. For the first time in my life, I started to really notice numbers as a form of technology, and that technology could be markers of a possible lattice work (as Farrell has suggested) that make up this "aether". TG has mentioned the possibility of space-time being manually manipulated for sinister reasons, and I believe that this phenomena can be witnessed quite literally through altered states of consciousness.

Something seems to be affecting man's perception of time, and his relative relationship to it, possibly by suggesting that time is a relevant force itself, which I am not so sure about. Sometimes I stop what I'm doing and recall the mechanics of the way the Universe operates, and that is through Motion. Does the existence of Motion cause the phenomena that we experience called Time?
I've been thinking that too and how the faster the motion, how time speeds up too. Like at work or when doing something busy the time flies, versus when there is nothing going on.
And for sure time is being manipulated and duality was put into place. If the trinity was put in place then, how would that work? You say through technology?

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Re: Discoveries through Paranoia

Post  KapitanScarlet on Sat 13 Feb 2010, 15:56

The relationship to time is controlled through ones philosophy and psychology of what has value
Time bites the one enduring a value-less experience

Regarding binary , if you break down the function of binary language as it operates in a computer at the machine language level, what you have is 0 = 0 volts and 1 = 5 volts or in simple talk, you have a positive expression or a negative expression , or you have an active expression or a passive expression , it is a yin yang language, a duality, and from this, it seems almost everything can be expressed , or maybe that should be re-expressed because programs are a reproduction of an already thought of thought

So the rule of the computer is that 0 = no voltage and 1 = yes voltage
Then you can construct or now inject logic gates (millions of them) into microchips operating from that law, so that a certain input or inputs of voltage gives a definitive output or outputs of voltage ... communication through energy

Outside the actual machine, the human operator just presses keys that themselves convert to energy being transmitted through logic gates that then convert back to words or images on the screen

Its just that in the microworld, the milions of processes are all happening at a speed and in a time that seems like a millisecond to a human perceiver , this is the real brilliance of microtechnology and that is magic

The question is, that although a collection of human consciousnesses invented and programs the computer , there is now no chance that one consciousness can understand the complete vastness of computer technology , so this means that the vastness has to be divided into sections of understanding, and if one section is not doing what it is supposed to be doing , then that section is just dumped and replaced with a new section that should do the same thing, maybe much like how humans are dumped or destroyed when they are not satisfying their mystery creator through illness, accident or wars, and then replaced by new ones , they were a faulty part Razz

But paranoia is an interesting subject, the phenomena seems related to receiving or thinking thoughts that can find no sense or justification as yet in the material world , could be delusion or could be visionary

as can be seen of the dramatic increase of computer processor speed and what that does to the performance of the computer, it can alaso be related to the ability of the human consciousness to process energy, whos to say whos there or here and what huge reserves are still not activated

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Re: Discoveries through Paranoia

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