The Maitreya Thread - For the Profane, Confused, Self-deluded and Cognizant Crippled

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The Maitreya Thread - For the Profane, Confused, Self-deluded and Cognizant Crippled

Post  tgII on Thu 04 Feb 2010, 01:54

So some months have gone by and decided to take a stroll
over to Red Ice and found this:

Good to see Red Ice giving this dude some fair analysis by providing the
link to Terry Melanson's Conspiracy Archives site:

Are you an ascended master? Will the real Maitreya please appear.

Here is another look at Maitreya by Paul A Drockton M.A. Maitreya, the
Occult, Gnosticism and the Avatar and their relationship to Greek Philosophy
and the Knights Templar.

You know, it would probably be worth the effort to discover who Creme
is, his connections, who fronts him, his financial backers and relentless
pursuit in pushing this one world religion being introduced by 'Maitreya.'


Benjamin Creme is a Lucifarian and a Illuminati. To intellectually wrap your
mind around the history of the Illuminati
you will be required to do some
homework which means reading this book:

If you do not read this book you will not understand the Illuminati.

"Nowadays people know the price of everything but the value of
-- Oscar Wilde

This dude is pretty educated, sounds like a British-English
accent, no? Cambridge, Oxford?

The timing couldn't be more perfect with Cameron releasing the
movie Avatar. Shocked

The technology is in place, the world's masses have been prepared, the
world's religious leaders will fall in line and this new world religion will be
introduced, are you ready, the show is about to begin.

This religion will serve the state, global plantation where the individual
is eviscerated.

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Re: The Maitreya Thread - For the Profane, Confused, Self-deluded and Cognizant Crippled

Post  KapitanScarlet on Thu 04 Feb 2010, 10:19

Maitreya ..... never heard of that till now ... i live in a protected box Smile

On his second vid, he refs how the concept of value has been mutated by the moneymedes, i almost thought he was going to revive the term Communism Razz

Thats got to be an indian mask hes wearing , yeah ? Very Happy ive got more indian root than he ......
a great example right there of the anglosaxation of the empire

How do they produce that particular vocal spectra, is it the endless hours sweating over shakespeare or wilde in the dim lit librarys of oxbridge or eton, or is it the endless hours sweating over the lecturers leather desktop as their trap 2 is pulverised with raw lectured meat and so henceforth, every syllable they then mutter in public life is subconsciously underwritten by an objecting carnal squeal that was duly snuffed out by the lecturers leather gloves as he rammed home the finer points of public school ritual and gleefully tuned his preys vocal strings in that process

in fact that guy reminds me of Kenneth Williams and many more of his creed

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